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Waukesha County juvenile social worker arrested for possession of child pornography
Fierce reaction to GoFundMe’s move
Top NSW cop involved in William Tyrrell case charged
Milk recalled in Victoria, southern NSW over possible E.coli contamination
Parents of Baby Kidnapped after Forced Cesarean in Connecticut Hospital Call on Public to Attend Hearing to Remove Parental Rights
Peter Dutton urges 'sensible' consideration of expanded cyber spy powers
800,000 children in the US go missing each Year – International Tribunal exposes pedophilia problem – Victims testify of child sex trafficking and satanic ritual abuse
Convicted rapist admits to raping girl at Kogarah dance studio
In Alabama — where lawmakers banned abortion for rape victims — rapists’ parental rights are protected
Reported rape of six-year-old girl categorised as 'minor', Child Protection Systems Royal Commission hears
Mega-church leader Joaquin Garcia arrested for major sex trafficking crimes
Attorney-General defends release of paedophile
Almost 200 fake or dodgy care centres shut down across NSW
Morrison is banning cash so Australians can’t escape bail-in, negative interest rates
Magistrate Dominique Burns resigns before trial-by-Parliament
Magistrate Dominique Burns resigns before trial-by-Parliament
Employee of PM’s department arrested over child sex abuse
A child welfare response to domestic minor sex trafficking
7Investigates: Foster Children’s Money
Federal judge rules people can secretly record police in public spaces
Westminster paedophile ring story ‘totally unfounded’, court told