Queensland's billion-dollar child safety bill

The Queensland government spent more than $1 billion last year to save children from neglect and abuse.

But almost 6000 youth aged up to 17 years of age were still sadly the subject of substantiated complaints to Child Safety in 2017-18.

Research shows Australian government continuing to fail our most vulnerable children almost 30 years after signing the UN Children’s Convention

SYDNEY, Thursday 1 November 2018:  Australia is not making sufficient progress in policies and programs to support children, particularly disadvantaged children in our country. We have regressed in areas of critical importance and systems designed to protect children are in crisis. These are the over-arching findings of The Children’s Report, being released today by the Australian Child Rights Taskforce at the same time it is submitted to the United Nations Children’s Committee.

 “With over five million children in Australia, we should be ensuring that the decisions we make, which impact on the lives of children and young people now and in the future, are made with them in mind and include processes for them to have their say as citizens and significant stakeholders,” said Tony Stuart, CEO of UNICEF Australia.

New South Wales politics Fears of ‘another stolen generation’ after New South Wales' move on foster care

Proposed bill gives courts power to order adoption if children cannot be sent back to family after two years in foster care

The New South Wales government has quietly tabled a piece of legislation that, if passed, will have a lasting impact on the lives of thousands of children taken into state care every year.

The government says the bill, which was tabled on Tuesday night, will ensure a permanent home for every child within two years, so they are not bounced around the out-of-home-care system for years on end. But critics say NSW is “walking open-eyed towards another stolen generation”.

CPS case worker accused of lying under oath

These two attorneys represent the maternal grandmother and paternal grandfather of a two-and-a-half-year-old boy who has been in the custody of Child Protective Services for almost his whole life.

That makes no sense, the attorneys say, when you have suitable blood relatives wanting to adopt.

"The child is in foster care. He's a ward of the state and the grandparent is actually getting foster care payments. It makes no sense whatsoever," said attorney Steven Pook.

Ashley Harris disappeared suddenly after publishing youtube videos about being abused by Santa Clara County CPS Social Workers

Ashley Harris Mysteriously Vanished before Christmas in 2014.  We do not know if she is alive or dead.  She disappeared suddenly after publishing youtube videos about being abused by Santa Clara County CPS Social Workers. Family Court Judge Jackueline Arroyo dispatched the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Department to stalk, harass and threaten the young girl’s parents – demanding that they keep quiet and not draw attention to the abuse and disappearance of their adolescent daughter. Santa Clara County Sheriff Detective David Carroll has a history of falsifying police reports and fabricating evidence which was given exception to the Rule by Santa Clara County Public Defender Molly O’Neil. The community fears that he may harm the child because he has done things like this before. Detective Carroll is is a very dangerous predator & he assigned to investigate Juvenile / Missing Person cases. This is great cause for alarm!

Northern Territory foster kids placed with 'cruel' carer despite 10 investigations into her suitability, report reveals

5799844-3x2-460x307.jpgFoster children told child protection workers the carer was "cruel"

A Territory Families-approved carer accused of making a foster child drink sour milk "as a form of punishment" was allowed to continue in the role despite 10 investigations into her suitability, a report by the Children's Commissioner has revealed.

Arizona child removed from loving family and placed into foster care Where She was Repeatedly Raped – then 80% of body burned

Devani photo from AZ Childrens Lives Matter FB pageDevani, before she was scalded over 80% of her body while in the care of a couple that DCS placed her with. Photo source: AZ Childrens Lives Matter Facebook page.

UPDATE 1/10/18 : Arizona Girl Raped and Burned in Foster Care Still Represented by Same Attorney – Kept Away from Family

by Health Impact News/MedicalKidnap.com Staff

Earlier this year (June 2017) we reported on one of the most horrific examples of child abuse of a child who was taken into state custody by a “Child Protection” social service agency, and put into the foster care system, that we have ever reported.

Kids in NT care subject to abuse

SEVENTY Northern Territory kids who had been removed from their families and placed in out-of-home care were subjected to harm or exploitation last year.

The NT Children’s Commissioner’s annual report shows there were 81 cases in 2015-16 in which children in out-of-home care were harmed.

Of those cases, 10 children were the subject of multiple cases of abuse.

Indiana couple accused of abusing foster children, including battery by bodily waste

AURORA, Ind. (WKRC) - A Dearborn County, Indiana, couple spent the weekend in jail after being charged with several counts related to the abuse of foster children in their care.

Diane Combs and her husband, Timothy, face several charges including aggravated battery, domestic battery and battery on a child. Diane is also charged with strangulation, sexual battery and battery by bodily waste.

Missouri teen medically kidnapped was raped and sodomized while in Illinois foster fare

Isaiah Rider is a 17-year-old Missouri resident who was taken away from his mother at the age of 16 by Illinois child protective services – DCFS – while in Lurie Children’s Hospital for medical treatment.

Child Protective Services in North Carolina using blackmail to illegally Seize children from families

North-carolina-foster-careFox 8 in North Carolina did a story on corruption in North Carolina Child Protection Services in 2015. Image from Fox 8.

Associated Press reporters recently exposed a story of illegal practices by Child Protective Services social workers in one North Carolina county.

Social workers in Cherokee County have been reportedly coercing parents and taking their children illegally, bypassing the court system by threatening to adopt out their children or throw the parents in jail if they refused to sign paperwork known in NC as a CVA – Custody and Visitation Agreement. (Source)

Babies for Cash – How the State abuses infants by destroying the mother-child bond in CPS abductions


A baby’s first year is crucial to a baby’s emotional and cognitive development. It is in the earliest months of life that the foundations for basic trust, security, and relationships are laid. The parent-child relationship is the environment in which that is designed to happen.

Yet the majority of children who enter foster care are taken within their first year of life, depriving them of critical bonding time and causing permanent trauma and damage to the babies’ ability to trust.