San Francisco family seeking help in medical kidnap case

Felisha Crowder and Dusty are PACC members. This is a medical kidnap case, through and through. The children were placed in a bad place, no one would look into the two year old girl's very red private parts. When the mother found the very red private parts and the little girl pointing and saying "ow-eee, ow-eee," the staff at the monitored visitation site told her not to call the police, that CPS would look into it. Uh. Huh.

I watched as this family lost everything in the blink of an eye based on the opinion of a medical resident that a baby was failing to thrive (i.e. Underweight).

The family had been secured in a two year transitional housing program. It was a nice place and for low-income families to get back on their feet.

After having all of their children unlawfully removed because one of them was underweight, they lost their housing within days. Now the couple is living on the streets. Literally, on the streets. Like, on Market Street near Powell. And no one is trying to help them.

How are they supposed to get their children back? Now, even if the so-called "abuse" (btw, the underweight baby is gaining even less weight in foster care) is unsubstantiated, CPS will now refuse to return the children because the family is now living on the street.

Felisha also has one of the most corrupt attorneys in San Francisco. James Thomas Bordelon, aka Jim Bordelon. Jim Bordelon also allegedly worked to keep my child and Donna Levey's son out her custody. Is it any surprise that he is now doing the same for Felisha?

If anyone can spare anything for this family, they really do need it.

 Click here to view this families GoFundMe page 

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