Has a serial killer been roaming the Stuart Highway for over 30 years?

For over thirty years people have been disappearing from the Stuart Highway.  Over fifty people that we are aware of.  The hunting's began sometimes a year or so apart, and now they are only months apart. 

If you are travelling this route, you are strongly advised to NEVER EVER stop for anybody.  Even authoritarian vehicles, I would be heading for first town before pulling off the road.  Do not stop for anybody, no matter the circumstances because this killer is still out there, possibly in big part due to the governments continual cover-up of all the persons murdered and missing.

In 2007 the Northern Territory Missing Persons Unit had 62 reported outstanding missing persons. A

This is no joke or myth, factual evidence and police missing persons registers evidence what we are saying, so why are the police allowing innocent tourists and territorians to travel the highway without any warning?  Don't the people who have already been murdered count?  Didn't they have enough money to make it into the mainstream media?

In case you're wondering, his initial victims were in their twenties to thirties, and mostly male (guessing he was a fit young serial killer back then).  However he is older now, possibly in his sixties, and will now kill women, and much older men.  His killing times are also getting a lot closer, like he is out of control and he is just dumping bodies anywhere.  Many earlier bodies were never found.

They have at least put a task force together to start identifying all the remains they have been unable to identify (link).

A: "The Drum - April 2009" www.pfes.nt.gov.au/~/media/Files/Forms_Licences.../drum-april-2009.ashx

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