How can we fix the child protection system?

Fixing the system is quite simple.  And it doesn't involve another enquiry or another research expedition wasting another few billion dollars.  And it certainly doesn't need more statistics.  This is where the government seems to keep getting stuck.  Publishing a document and paying somebody to research it doesn't fix it.  The legislation is quite fine so long as it is being applied equally and with natural justice.  And for those who don't abide by it, well they must get their natural justice also. 

For each and every complaint listed, there is an offence applicable for that person.  Now just as Parking Fines are administered via the SETONS system (self enforcing ticketable offence notice systems - for those of you not in Queensland), ie the car has been parked in the designated area too long therefore the officer writes up a ticket, well there should be fines and automatic sacking for those whom breach their codes of conduct, provide false and misleading information in court affidavits, omit relevant information showing clear bias to a particular party (usually the parents) etc.

A list needs to be made more clear for each state or we request that each department provide their guidelines on misconduct and breaches of ethics, and committing of offences against Crimes Act and other relevant Child Protection Acts that apply for each state.  According the NSW Ombudsman they can request these guidelines be provided to them before they perform an audit of relevant authorities, however where is the publishing of any such documents of the outcomes of these audits and the results of officers whom have committed offences?  And if there is where is it because the public want to see it!

The parents of children in such circumstances deserve their justice and to know that their offender has been punished according to law, and it should not be up to them to have to seek justice once it has been proven that the child protection officer has committed an offence.

I'm quite sure that once you start weeding out the rotten eggs you will find that there is not as much cry of corruption as there currently is within the child protection system, which is currently recognised to those with knowledge of it as nothing more than "legalised child trafficking". 

Maybe when child protection officers are aware that their wrong actions have consequences, they may just endeavour to do the right thing instead of just what they want to do according to the day they are having.


+4 #4 RE: How Can We Fix the Child Protection System ?Guest 2011-08-30 20:18
SACK ALL THE CURRENT CHILDRENS COURT MAGISTRATES ...THEY HAVE BEEN RUNNING DoCS KANGAROO COURTS FOR FAR TOO LONG. Hit Legal Aid with a few hundred million dollars to ensure a fair and just system. Stop all those immoral and unethically trained caseworkers from practising the corruption they have been trained by the DoCs DPT heads. Protest against all these Government Dpt employees that continue to Steal Children for profit. On the 22nd of September this year 2011 ...there is a Protest against DoCs corruption, abses, unethical practices and child theft. The Protest will be held outside the Parramatta Childrens Court 12pm until 2pm.
+8 #3 Guest 2011-01-29 21:59
Why call it EARLY INTERVENTION. Why not allocate REAL SOCIAL WORKERS and REAL FUNDS to families in need of support and assistance.

Why is it when a parent asks DoCs for assistance...th at they DoCs feel it is more beneficial to remove the children of parents who seek their assistance.

Surely the social welfare of families and children must include support and assistance for families who not only request it , but also warrant it.

THIS GRAB ALL MENTALITY is causing untold harm , trauma and family divisions right across NSW with the DIVIDE & CONQUER tactics occurring in Child Protection NSW.


RIP IT DOWN and show some integrity, moral values, social welfare skills, transparency, accountability, in rebuilding it.

Politicians of today are more interested in the climb of the power ladder and certainly NOT families in need of support and assistance.

It is one BLOODY big rug along with one bloody big broom they have at Community Services/Human Services NSW
-11 #2 Guest 2010-12-16 06:10
Sadly, I think this site is just an extention of the same amatuer sensationalim presented by Main Stream (best that money can buy) Media. There are significant systemic abuse issues for Children and Young people in care, that is a given and wholly unacceptable, however, ongoing rants highlighting the 'abuses' doesn't actually achieve anything solution oriented. Nor does it acknowledge in anyway the good work achieved within this system.
The problem, in my humble opinion, is a distinct lack of early intervention from an educative perspective coupled with the dearth of community building programs. Early intervention needs to be actively applied when families FIRST come on the radar (as it were). Abuse and Neglect are actualy quite common, yet, the two words are demonised (thanks Main Stream Media once again) to the point where abusive and neglectful parents need to "pay" i.e. the punitive measure of removing their children is enforced.
Further compounding the 'witch hunt' reporting that your site shares with MSM is the harsh reality that a significant number of children are currently in care, consequently, to simply shut down existing agencies would throw the same children even more the wolves. Consequently abusing the defenseless even further. It seems that it should go without saying that inept punitive measures do not address inept punitive measures, however, judging from the information we are spoon fed about the "child protection and care industry" it needs saying.
In short, yes, children are abused and neglected in care, however, significant numbers of children are also abused, neglected and killed when left in their families care. How ironic that DoCS also get lambasted for their failure to remove said children - Damned if they do and damned if they don't.
You wanna help? Start promoting some genuine solution focussed ideas, otherwise, you are simply an alternate part of the problem....
+9 #1 Guest 2010-11-04 11:12
The first step I see is bringing it all back under one department.

Goodbye NGO's we do not want our children spread throughout a complicated web of different administration, policies and religions.

One department with one set of laws and regulations governing all little Aussies.

Where is the Federal Government?

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