Carol Woods exposing employment tribunal corruption

Manchester Employment Tribunals and Lancashire County Council - Exposure of corruption.

Follow on entry from the corruption exposed within the Local Government Ombudsman’s York office. Link http://www.criticalreader2006.blogspot.com  Lancashire County Council (LCC) were leaders in that corruption, courts compounded the corruption beginning with Manchester Employment Tribunals (MET).  This entry has been added twice before; ‘they’ keep removing it and replacing the sites with advertising.  No matter, the imagination for naming blogs knows no limit: the earlier ones being http://www.criticalreader2007.blogspot.com/ and http://www.criticalreader07.blogspot.com/  It needs to be recorded that Lancashire Social Services were on ‘Special Measures’ throughout 2001 and had been for years and continued to be for even more. They were quite useless.  The corruption shown by ROGER BARHAM at least in York LGO office began the process.

The tribunal (MET) where I applied for a claim of Constructive Dismissal against (LCC) recorded my claim as being 2406569/01 and was initiated on 28 August 2001.
The IT1 recorded breaches of employment contract such as ‘no supervision as a child protection social worker’, denied access to the Equal Opportunities policies, denied access to the Grievance Procedures, and criminal acts perpetrated by my employer, Lancashire Social Services.

I had blown the whistle finally on LCC in 2001 re Fylde Community School and my claim in MET included the Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998.

Within all that I had been expelled by my then union, UNISON contrary to the Trades Union and Labour Relations (Consolidation) Act 1992. UNISON are well known to have freemasonry-style relationships with management in public employers and are well known the abandon members when it suits them. In my case I had a Trevor McLoughlin, or had not depending on how one views it.

I heard nothing from MET for months. The Employment Tribunal Service (ETS) was devised for litigants in person, there was no perceived need for a solicitor.  By Christmas 2001, on receipt of the LGO letter (see link) I received a letter from LCC, BEVERLEY CULLEN saying that LCC would not inform me who their witnesses were to be.    IAN FISHER identified himself as Head of Legal Services.

MET continued to ignore the case.  And on 17 Sept 01 I had received a letter from DAVID FAIRCLOUGH Head of Human Resources Social Services saying he would have my case held in abeyance and I had written to MET saying I would not agree to the holding of my case in abeyance. However, the indications were that it had been held in abeyance firstly against my knowledge and then against my express wishes.

Meanwhile I applied to the High Court for a Judicial Review of the LGO’s ‘findings’ re Fylde.

I made an affidavit to swear in Lancaster Magistrates Court as is my right in March 2002 but the Head of Legal Services, JOHN ROBINSON refused to allow me access for no reason. A local solicitor assisted me, the case went forward and I was invited by Judge Hooper to apply for a date for an oral hearing.
July 2002 approached and I was summonsed to MET for a hearing without proper notice time. I did not know then I was entitled to proper notice of time and attended.
The Chairman was ANNA WOOLLEY. LCC was represented by B CULLEN and a VICTOR WELCH, I went alone.

A Woolley found I had a strong case and set the substantive hearing for 10 days in March 03, 17-28 incl, I requested an earlier hearing.
I was told that there was shortage of chairmen. Article 6 of the Human Rights Act 1998, statute law, affords me rights to speedy hearings and shortage of staff is not accepted as a reason for delaying proceedings. The HRA and Article 6 was ignored by MET.

Ms Woolley instructed me to compile a statement of 48 pages, paginate the documents and release all to LCC within 14 days.

I objected to that, as a litigant in person I was trying to work (albeit part time because of illness caused by LCC) to mitigate losses, deal with this on my own and the High Court Judicial Review.
(I had gained employment as a lecturer and researcher after leaving social services) LCC and A Woolley told me that I could not have 2 court cases running at the same time and thus I would have to drop one case. I believed a chairman of MET and agreed to drop the Judicial Review for the claim in MET.

I complained that LCC would use my statement and documents to manufacture their own case against me. A Woolley pointedly told Cullen and Welch that there would be sanctions for perjury.
She herself was to hear the case, I was also then granted 3 weeks to deliver up my statement and documents.

I requested the release of certain clients’ files to me, SP, SP, BM, KM, MB, LF. I was denied the file of MB but was to see the others when I delivered my statement and related documents.
LCC were given 9 weeks to send me their witness statements and documents.

I wrote to Judge Hooper explaining why I was withdrawing my application re Fylde. He did not reply.

I delivered my statement and documents to LCC legal dept. in July 2002 and told Cullen that LCC had destroyed my GP notes of 2001. I had only copied the first and the last in that series.
After handing over my statement (reduced to 43 pages) and documents I was allowed to see the files but not allowed to make notes. I could ask for photocopies of pages.
The files of SP and SP were not the files and were nothing to do with me. As a member of the public, which I was at that time, I should not have been allowed to see those files. The breach of confidentiality for the clients in question was appalling, I made that clear.

The files of BM and KM had been altered and were incomplete.

The file of LF had been seriously altered.

All the alterations were to the detriment of the clients in attempts to discredit my work as a social worker.

I complained to the Corporate Information Security Manager, FRANK LOUGHLIN, to the legal dept. to the Director of Social Services at that time, PAULINE OLIVER, Social Services Inspectorate, MET, the LGO, nobody commented except MET who ordered LCC to deliver up the true files of SP and SP.

I eventually inspected those files and they too had been altered to the detriment of the clients.

All the children involved were very young.

I informed all as above again and the Information Commissioner (ICO) via JIM PRESSLY and remained ignored.

LCC were dismayed at my statement and documents, all events were outlined as facts with evidence to support the facts such as being denied the grievance procedure, denied training, denied applications for other jobs, forced to work with known bullies, TONY BRADSHAW, PATRICIA ALLEN, GILLIAN ARMSTRONG, in GREENBANK STREET OFFICE PRESTON., no supervision, being asked to alter files and perjury myself in High Court Family Division, Blackburn (LF case). Illegally convened Case Conferences to try and discredit my work, covert monitoring of me, informing colleagues that they were not to associate with me, offer me harassment, threats, intimidation, forcing me to apply for my own job whilst off sick with stress, forcing me to interview whilst off sick with that illness and dismissing me in that period. I was dismissed on 10 August 2001 by ARMSTRONG over the telephone and she told me not go in anymore.
I did. I asked my GP to sign me as fit to work and returned to Greenbank Street.

They were not pleased to see me. MY desk had been cleared, my files had gone and I was locked out of the ISSIS recording system. They were preventing me from doing my job.
I informed all that Armstrong had no contractual right to dismiss me, had offered me no feedback after her ludicrous ‘interview’ of 10 Aug 01, any one of the abuses I suffered at the hands of those inept, stupid people would have won me a tribunal claim.

I was confident in my claim. Under Section 7 of the Data Protection Act 1998 I made a Subject Access Request and received my personnel file papers from LCC.  LCC had had 40 days to comply under the Act but made me wait for 84 days knowing they would enjoy collusion with the corrupt in the ICO. I informed Pressly in the ICO: the law was not applicable to the LCC.
Knowing that LCC had filled my personnel file with manufactured ‘reports’ ‘meetings’ etc all which discredited me and were for use in the tribunal I could show that they were all false in content.I would be declaring perjury under the terms of the Perjury Act 1911 case law R v Sharpe/Stringer 1937.

But on 28 August 2001 I wasn’t even at the beginning of the learning curve and resigned.

I had been constructively dismissed as well as being unfairly dismissed.

B Cullen wrote to me in August 2001 saying that she would need to revise all their statements after seeing mine.

I had been forced to sign a form on each occasion I visited the legal department to see the files. Immediately after returning home I wrote saying the form had been signed under duress. My signature therefore counted for nothing.

LCC did not comply with the Order to deliver up their statements and documents and I was forced to complain again about their behaviour. Their statements came in dribs and drabs. Ms Woolley ordered LCC to send a copy to the court, she already had mine. LCC had sent it to her hoping to discredit me with it. The opposite happened. Ms Woolley ordered Sue Mitchell and Pauline Oliver then Director to appear with the rest.

Pauline Oliver took ‘early retirement’ in October 2002.

November 2002 and MET forced me to another directions hearing at the request of LCC.

There was no need for this, all documents had been exchanged by then but LCC then had a barrister best known for her yobbish, screeching, no points of law behaviour: TANYA VERONICA GRIFFITHS.

In Nov. 02 friends of mine expressed an interest and accompanied me. Now a DAVID LEAHY was Chairman and he clearly knew Griffiths and LCC also, they had definitely met to discuss my case prior to my being call in.

Before I sat down Leahy was aggressively shouting, "We have to consider the Local Authority".

Leahy said he would not ask LCC for the witnesses from senior management completely overriding Ms Woolley’s order. He denied me witnesses saying, "I’m not having a queue of people tell me how wonderful you are".

He said, "They’ve had to get a barrister. Have you any idea what Ms Griffiths earns in a day?"

(She wasn’t worth it being as lazy, ignorant of the law, unintelligent and poorly qualified like the rest of the deranged in LCC legal dept baying for vengeance.)

That lasted exactly 20 minutes then he reduced my claim for Constructive Dismissal to Unfair Dismissal hoping that as a litigant in person I wouldn’t know the difference.

I formally complained to Leahy and the Acting Regional Chairman, BRIAN DOYLE remaining ignored until I submitted appeal papers against the document produced by Leahy. I wrote to the then Lord Chancellor, Lord Irving of Lariq and told him what had happened.

Another directions hearing was hurriedly convened for 17 Jan 03.

A Woolley was back as Chairman making it clear that she had a good overview of the complex case and refused to collude with Griffiths who was in full throttle again.

I had taken another two people to witness events.

Ms Woolley said I would have 3 days to read my statement and cross reference facts to related documents throughout. She ordered LCC to release their work diaries to me. LCC were furious.
They refused to comply with the Order and did not release their diaries.

On March 17th 2003 I had 2 with me for the first day of the substantive hearing. LCC had a few in number. The Chairman was a PETER RUSSELL and the lay members Barnes and Nicholls. The clerk was Claire Hobley and she told me that LCC had had Ms Woolley taken from the case.

We were on Floor 7 for a special reason.

Claire told me that LCC had had Ms Woolley removed because she was partial to me. No she wasn’t, she just saw the truth and knew it was me that was telling it.

I was rushed through my statement in less than one day and not allowed to refer to documents at al. RUSSELL sat bored and gazing at the ceiling most of the time.

GRIFFITHS leapt to her feet as soon as she could, her gibberish spilled out.

Their defence was that "You’ve been to Cuba, you’re political!"

My going to New Orleans was made something of as well.

Griffiths kept me on the witness stand for 3 days without asking me one single proper question.

Finally a document was thrust at me, JANE WEBB, Detective Lancashire police, case in point, BM/KM Jane Webb had destroyed 6 pages of evidence in that case of serious sexual abuse of a 12year old girl with learning difficulties and her 13 year old brother. The 6 pages named the perpetrator, it was inconvenient, it showed WEBB with PATRICIA ALLEN Social Services Manager Child Protection to be what they were, inept at best.That person named in the 6 pages was the person I had named at the time. WEBB was now teaching me the proverbial lesson.

I declared Webb’s letter to be a perjured document under Section 5 of the Perjury Act 1911.

Stunned silence.

I showed how I could prove the perjury.

RUSSELL became interested all of a sudden asking if there were any other perjured documents in the bundle from LCC. "Yes, every single one".

"Show us then, show us" screeched the abysmal excuse for a barrister.

She was having hysterics and not very quietly.

The court ended for the day with LCC and Peter Russell meeting privately in his chambers. I thought it was unfair, I didn’t know it was illegal.

March20th day two, TONY BRADSHAW LCC witness, perjurer, proven, by now LCC attending mob-handed, hostile, oppressive atmosphere.

Meetings between bench and LCC regular. Claire Hobley kept me informed.

21st Friday, day 3 PATRICIA ALLEN for LCC couldn’t read her statement, she is only semi-literate, perjury proven and witnessed by one member of the public who’d walked in and was told to leave by Russell.

On Saturday and Sunday I prepared a document to read out on Monday 23rd. I objected to what was being allowed and recorded that there were no signed witness statements from LCC, all had been written by one person, a farce was in progress.

Peter Russell tried, on Monday 23rd to prevent me from reading that one page but I insisted and read it. I had two people to witness events.


Griffiths read out the unsigned witness statement of LOUISE YOUNG, saying she was ‘on leave’.

Louise didn’t work for LCC and hadn’t done when her statement had been written for her, probably by B Cullen. No witnesses for LCC had ever seen their statements before reading them out. It was expected that I wouldn’t go so far, Griffiths refused to call Sue Mitchell or Bob Gower, Pauline Oliver had resigned to protect her pension.

In my summing up I declared violations of human rights with relevant legislation. P Russell said, "We don’t bother with those".

JUDY DEERING routine perjurer for LCC as solicitor in child care also worked as a bar night club manager, Temple Night Club in Bolton, in breach of her employment contract, I reported her to the Law Society as I did Cullen and those from the legal department including IAN YOUNG and CLAIRE GREALIS. The corruption of the Law Society in protecting those criminals will be a related entry later. DEERING ‘disappeared’ in the same way that P. Oliver had.

Summing up on 28/3/03 I had 1 witness and was told that I had won and to expect a remedy hearing. I was also asked if I would accept a remedy at the same time instead of having another case of bullying heard against FAIRCLOUGH and YOUNG of LCC. I waited many weeks, nothing arrived.

I went to Bury St Edmunds smelling a rat.

My claim 2406569/01 had never been registered, it had therefore never been legally heard. It had all been a waste of taxpayers’ monies.

On May 7th I received Peter Russell’s Extended Reasons document. I had lost and would pay costs. A cost hearing had been arranged for 28 May 03.

I wrote saying I would charge them with fraud, BRIAN DOYLE told me it was my responsibility to call in the CPS. He also said he’d consider my complaint when the process was complete. He did not.

I wrote to Barnes and Nicholls, Doyle wrote to me saying he had my letters to them and they wouldn’t be allowed to have them. I complained to the Royal Mail for which corruption of 4 years via Freemason JOHN BUTLER in Lancaster then Preston Sorting Offices and his associates within the RM HQ ROSA THORPE and TOBY THOMAS see related entry http://www.royalmailcorruptionwatchuk.blogspot.com/

P Russells’ Extended Reasons document was amateurish and contradictory in the extreme. It was unsealed with no court seal, it was not on headed paper, it was undated, it did not comply with basic rules and procedures and so on. It was expected that I wouldn’t see the junk mail for what it was. Given that he knew I’d be entering it into the EAT at least it was a perjured document under the terms of the 1911 Act Sec 5. There had been no Decision Judgement Document signed by all three members.

I requested a DJD numerous times but remained ignored. One did not exist. Peter Russell also recorded that LCC had not destroyed my GP notes and that my PID was of no interest to the public, neither was the altering of children’s files or the committee meeting minutes.

The hearing for 28/5/03 hurriedly arranged was then hurriedly cancelled "because counsel cannot attend" no other date was set. Fraud frightened them.
I initiated an appeal in the Employment Appeal Tribunals (EAT),link http://www.criticalreader2004.blogspot.com/

At the end of July 2003 I received from LCC their ‘revised closing submissions’. (I know, they inhabit a complete fantasy land), the letter to court from LCC copied to me anonymously was words to the effect "Hurry up, give her a cost hearing before she reports us to the police".

I had tried to report them to the police in Lancaster (for which corruption see related entry) and the CPS in Preston via a Tracey Ames who was doing her job when IAN RUSHTON pushed her aside to ‘see me off’. http://www.cpscorruptionwatchuk.blogspot.com/

The new cost date was set for 1 Sept 03, four days prior to the EAT hearing making it illegal in any event.

I did not go to MET on 1/9/03 and the costs awarded against me were almost £40k. I was expected to fund what can best described as organised crime.

The court computerised records show that the cost hearing had gone ahead on 28 May 03 in my absence for the purposes of Russell cobbling something together with LCC to be passed off as points of law when they even struggle to spell ‘law’ let alone understand it.

The records of all that are still in my possession.

The records, obtained via the DTI who were then data controllers for the ETS and I’d made my Sec 7 SAR to them.

The records show 1) that P Russell and LCC met privately in April 2003 for 2 days, that would for purposes of compiling his banal junk mail, no court seal, no court crest document, no date Extended Reasons. 2) The case had never been registered and thus never legally heard, 3) no costs had ever been awarded against me either in March 03 or April 03.

FRAUD documented and proven.

The money was for LCC to give to Russell as PAYOLA for ‘throwing’ my case. LEAHY, DOYLE and a PETER BEAUMONT are all part of that established practice/corruption.

Peter Beaumont’s entry to be linked.

President of the ETS, JUDGE MEERAN only answered one of my letters and in that letter he lied to me which was proven. MEERAN clearly sets the standards for the ETS.

FALCONER replaced the Lord Irving of Lariq as Lord Chancellor link http://www.lordchancellorsresignation.blogspot.com/

Chief Executive of the ETS, Roger Heathcote was a decent man and did what he could. His replacement, Jeanne Spinks, the usual token female, is the puppet in the hands of the ‘men’ pulling the strings.

Claire Hobley clerk resigned over this.

ACAS and UNISON will be linked to show the references and the picture will emerge.

The links are as above and link to others within.

N.B. The would-be-thief, liar, bully and perjurer PETER RUSSELL records that my documents were scotch mist. They were and are not. They are still in my possession.

Carol Woods Lancaster.

This entry is second in the series and is the longest entry.

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