Coast teenage girl left to “rot in squalor”

The Gold Coast girl left to rot in squalor shines a light on child safety crisis

The Bulletin has revealed residential housing, where children cannot be fostered out, was failling to deliver adequate food and care to some children as profit-hungry agencies rort the system under the watch of Child Safety.

Almost one in ten children in NSW residential care were sexually abused in a single year, shocking new figures reveal

SOCIAL services departments are failing in their duty to care for our most vulnerable children, as shocking new figures show almost one in 10 kids in residential care homes in NSW were sexually abused in a single year.

The horrific statistic follows revelations by The Daily Telegraph last week that 41-year-old Coffs Harbour carer Dennis Kelly was facing ­charges of raping a 13-year-old girl living at a care home on the NSW north coast.  Children living in residential care centres are among the most vulnerable in the community because they are deemed too unstable to be housed with a family.

And although they make up less than five per cent of all out-of-home-care children — the rest live with foster parents or relatives — they account for a third of all claims of sexual abuse against foster children made to the royal commission into child abuse.