Secret files show DoCS visits to at-risk kids have decreased

Type of protection : Granting release
THE number of beaten, sexually assaulted or at-risk children receiving intervention from Community Service caseworkers has dropped dramatically in the past year, official figures show.

A Community Services report stamped "Confidential - not for further distribution", leaked to The Sunday Telegraph, reveals the number of children at serious risk of harm who were visited by a caseworker dropped by 13 per cent in 2010.

It comes as a senior bureaucrat has authored a separate internal report which states caseworkers are not visiting children at risk of serious harm because of red tape and a fear of being blamed if the child is murdered.

Murdered woman's family blame government department for her horrific death

The family of a young West Australian woman killed by her ex-partner says decisions made by officers of a government department contributed to her tragic death.

Charlotte was a 19-year-old woman caught in a vicious cycle of abuse at the hands of her partner.

Charlotte's killer will be sentenced in October.

Charlotte's killer will be sentenced in October.CREDIT:FILE IMAGE

Foster carer charged with assaulting kids

 A northern NSW foster carer has been charged with indecently assaulting three children in his care. A 77-YEAR-OLD foster carer on the NSW north coast has been arrested and charged with indecently assaulting three children in his care.

The man was arrested at his home in Lennox Head on Wednesday and is accused of indecently assaulting three children previously in his care between 2009 and 2011.

Children in care sent far away from family fall prey to paedophiles and drugs gangs

Type of protection : Granting release

Local authorities are accused of being "recruitment sergeants" for gangs by placing children out of area.

Thousands of vulnerable children are magnets for paedophiles and county lines drugs gangs because councils are sending them away from friends and family, MPs have warned.

Children are being placed in "grave danger" by the very professionals who should protect them, an inquiry by the all Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Runaway and Missing Children and Adults found.

New Zealand rocked by Māori protests on child removals and use of sacred land

Protesters gather at Ihumātao as they stand to fight a proposed Fletcher Building housing development in Auckland, New Zealand. Māori leaders are staging two major protests in New Zealand, straining relations with the Labour coalition government and drawing accusations that Jacinda Ardern – who is visiting the remote Pacific territory of Tokelau – is a “part-time prime minister”.

On Tuesday, hundreds of activists marched on parliament house in Wellington, as well as other New Zealand cities, calling for an overhaul of the government’s child welfare agency, Oranga Tamariki [Ministry for Children], amid a series of controversial cases in which Māori children and newborns were taken into state care.

In the 2017-2018 year, 290 Māori babies were taken into care, and Māori children make up more than 50% of all children in state care. Māoris make up 14.1% of the population, according to the CIA World Factbook website.

Foster carer arrested and charged for physically abusing children - near Newcastle

Child Abuse Squad detectives have arrested and charged a woman for physically assaulting three children in her care.

Last Friday (10 January 2014), police were informed that three children housed in foster care in the Lake Macquarie area were suffering from a number of physical injuries.

The children – two boys, aged 6 and 7, and a girl aged 5 – had obvious bruising on various parts of their bodies.

300 families say child services wrongly accused them of abuse and unjustly stole their kids

Type of protection : Granting release

"It’s an epidemic across our nation," one parent told NBC.

Norwegian Nightmare: 'Barnevernet' Preys On Children and Parents

One of the first things you notice about Norway when you visit is how beautiful it is. But there is a very dark side of Norway that most of the world knows nothing about. It's called Barnevernet, and it can be as cold and brutal as the Norwegian winter. 

Barnevernet means "child welfare." It's Norway's network of local child protection service offices. But to its victims, Barnevernet means anything but protecting children. 

'Barnevernet' Takes American Children

After moving to Norway from Atlanta for her husband's employment, American mother Natalya Shutakova's three American-born children were taken by Barnevernet two months ago for alleged child mistreatment.
Shutakova and her Lithuanian husband were jailed for 24 hours and told they could get two years in prison for discussing the case. They're waiting to hear if they will lose custody of their children for good. All three are American citizens.

Eight year old girl forced to put rag in her mouth to hush her screams during beatings in foster home

An 8-year-old was so badly abused by her foster mother that her body was found covered with uncountable scars, scabs, blisters, and bruises from whip marks when police went to her foster home in Florida on May 16.

The child was forced to put a rag in her mouth while her foster family beat her so no one could hear her screams, reported the Sun Sentinel.

When police arrived at the home, foster caretaker Duane Fletcher, 56, interrupted the child’s interview with the investigator. In his presence, the child denied that her injuries were from beatings.

Netted, drugged, locked away: the damning face of child mental health in SA

Type of protection : Granting release

South Australian children experiencing mental crises are being tied down under nets, locked up in seclusion at extreme rates and forcibly injected with sedating drugs, prompting warnings youngsters are suffering lasting harm from coercive health-system practices.

Nets are being used to tie children to ambulance stretchers to take them to the hospital and, once there, children are being locked in seclusion at a rate which is the country’s highest, far outstripping the national average.

Horrifying outcomes for CYF kids warrant a 'whole new model' - Tolley

"Horrifying" statistics show children under the care of Child Youth and Family are struggling to break free from a cycle of continued abuse and re-victimisation, a major report has found.

A high-level interim report into the systems used by the state carer calls for a complete overhaul of the way it operates.

Children were not being put at the centre of care, and a "fragmented system" lacked common purpose or accountability.

That left a "concerning level of re-abuse for children who have been in care". 

Queensland's billion-dollar child safety bill

The Queensland government spent more than $1 billion last year to save children from neglect and abuse.

But almost 6000 youth aged up to 17 years of age were still sadly the subject of substantiated complaints to Child Safety in 2017-18.