Child abuse industry deaths in Canada

Do the claims of good intentions really outweigh the bodies of the children dying in Ontario's child protection system every year?

Do you trust a corporate agency that refuses to register with the College of Social Work, that refuses to cooperate with Ombudsman and the Privacy Commissioner unless the law in Ontario specifically says they have to?

How did 92 children in care die between 2008/2012 according to the Ontario PDRC report? The PDRC say it's a complete mystery and no further investigation is required. Between 2008/2012 natural causes was listed as the least likely way for a child in care to die at 7% of the total deaths reviewed while "undetermined cause" was listed as the leading cause of death of children in Ontario's child protection system at 43% of the total deaths reviewed.

The written PDRC report.

The little PDRC pie chart that knew too much.

Coroner’s Death Investigations in Ontario compared to the children's aid society PDRC report.

Protecting Canadian Children.

Paediatric Death Review Committee.

As death investigators, child deaths are among the most challenging cases to work on because the natural expectation and hope is for children to grow and mature to adulthood. When that doesn’t happen, there is a shared sense of sadness and injustice for all involved, coupled with a desire to make things better – for families and the systems that serves them.

Our role as death investigators has two primary purposes – to answer the many questions from parents, caregivers and sometimes the criminal justice and child welfare sectors, and to help to prevent future deaths in similar circumstances.

Through shared expertise and collaboration, the Paediatric Death Review Committee (PDRC) and Deaths Under Five Committee (DU5C) help us learn from these deaths, so that this knowledge can be shared with stakeholders that are able to develop and implement changes that may help to prevent similar deaths from occurring in the future.

This year’s annual report is a result of the thoughtful and thorough reviews that were undertaken by the committees. The different strengths and perspectives that make up the committees’ membership enrich the analyses and support informed conclusions and recommendations. The work of the committees is greatly valued and appreciated by our organization and by the multiple other organizations that share our commitment to injury and death prevention in children.

Source : https://www.facebook.com/FamiliesUnitedOntario/photos/a.421920498017720.1073741828.421903944686042/672716192938148/?type=3

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