Commencement of private prosecutions

A private individual may also initiate criminal proceedings by way of CAN. The major difference with a private prosecution is that a CAN may only issued by a Registrar. The Registrar issues a CAN by signing the notice. A Registrar will have a discretion not to issue a CAN if the Registrar is satisfied that:

NSW parents who adopt a foster child may paid up to $37,000 as part of a push to help vulnerable children

NSW parents who adopt a foster child could be paid up to $37,000 a year as part of a state government push to provide secure homes for some of the state's most vulnerable children.

The new reforms would help to deliver support to 900 more children each year, on top of the 19,000 children already in foster care.

Minister for Family and Community Services Pru Goward told Sky News the move would break down financial barriers faced by some potential adoption parents.

'We had a lot of wonderful fosters careers, who had children for 5-6 years and would like to have adopted but couldn't because they were low income workers and couldn't afford to live and bring up that child,' she said.

'I would hate to think that adoption in Australia and NSW became only for a privileged few.

Patriae means ‘parent of the country’ in Latin, and refers to the common law doctrine by which the Sovereign has an obligation to protect the interests of those unable to protect themselves, such as children and mentally incapacitated adults.[1] For example, the State has a duty to protect children or the mentally ill who are abused or neglected.

In the earliest days of the doctrine in England, Parens Patriae was restricted to only the mentally incompetent, but in the seventeenth century, the Lord Chancellor extended the duty towards children as well.[2]Parens Patriae jurisdiction does not extend to mentally competent adults, deceased persons or unborn foetuses.

Its been over a year since Pru Goward started receiving her Ministerial pay packet .

But Pru Goward is just another puppet on a string viz Theatrical Prop for Department of Community Services NSW.

This is a woman who stated how badly she wanted this portfolio, and also stated that children would start going home. Yet children have already lost their lives on her watch and now the abusers of the past NGO's are being handed innocent children on a platter that will bring them Billions over the next few years.

Why doesn't Pru Goward sit down for a chat with a few Forgotten Australians, Child Migrants, Stolen Generation and Forced Adoption Victims and hear of the rape, buggery, beatings and trauma that was caused by NGO's.

Today it has become crystal clear how much influence the medical establishment has in Australia. The medical establishment showed it true reach into our society.  Where are the rights of the parents gone in this country, when parents are not allowed to medically treat their child in a way they see fit. A way that involves a plant, which has proven all over the world to work with their child’s conditions.

These parents have seen the improvements their little boy went through after he started using medicinal marijuana. Anyone can see the improvements Chase has shown over the last 6 months. There is no denying.

In NSW Supreme Court last week Justice Young tore strips from the Department of Human Services officers responsible for the removal of a baby boy using legislation that had not yet been passed in parliament.  It is believed they also filed the wrong forms - begging the question "How many Department Lawyers deliberately file wrong forms in order to win their case?".

The NSW Justice requested that the boy returned immediately, or at least have orders drawn up to enable him to be returned to his mother and father, however DoCS (Human Services) officers refused the request by the Justice, showing their absolutely complete and utter contempt for the law.

Alecomm staff want the DoCS Lawyer whom filed the forms, knowingly, to be charged and removed immediately from practise, as this type of unethical and corrupt behaviour does nothing but further prove the deeply stemmed corruption in the system, and that DoCS Officers will go to any extreme to remove children from good parents.

The corruptness that has been shown to date in this case, is yet another reason why Pru Gowards recommendations for easier removal and adoption of children should be tossed out the window.  At least until they (DoCS) can adequately prove they are no longer a corrupt organisation. For further information on this case Click Here

A 31 year old foster carer was sentenced to seven years jail last Friday in Parkes district court, over the assault of a 5 year old Aboriginal girl.

This story was previously published in the media last Friday without mentioning the fact that the girl was Aboriginal. This is something that is common across Australia. Non Indigenous carers earning an income from the government to raise Indigenous kids. We know not all carers are bad and we are not trying to give all carers a bad name. Our concerns are about stopping these cases from happening and understanding why the media doesn’t want to draw attention to the girls race.

Court was AGAIN adjourned at Broadmeadow Children's Court in Newcastle. If you are able, please front up and stand in peaceful solidarity for this broken family who are crying out for their baby.

There has not been a single finding supporting FACS' ridiculous claims of malnourishment presented to the courts or Marc and Cini. In the 3 weeks since Chase vanished from his mothers sight without a trace, there has only been adjournment after adjournment.

Pru Goward has done absolutely NOTHING to clean up the corruption of DOCS NSW so far. Caseworkers are still stealing children from innocent parents, are still not accountable for their corruption and criminal misconduct and RESTORATION is NOT happening!

She has a political opportunity to stop the New Stolen Generation BY DOCS but instead she is choosing to ignore the atrocities being committed daily to children in care and innocent parents by her Department.

Her only achievement so far is to make a deal with big business NGO's and hand them millions of dollars to continue their abuse of children in care as they have done for decades and none of these NGO's will have any intention of restoring children to the rightful care of their parents because that would be bad for their business which is to make money so they will focus only on increasing the number of children they manage and concentrate on doing the least they possibly can for the children to improve their profit margins....NGO's are a proven weapon of mass destruction and history will evidence that Pru Goward pulled the trigger and destroyed the New Stolen Generation by DOCS NSW.

Stop destroying lives ... BRING OUR CHILDREN HOME

A ladies ex-husband sexually assaulted their girls - and went to jail. Now he's out and CatholiCare and Child Protection NSW and the ICL are all stating that they are going to not only allow him to have contact with his victims but force the youngest son to have a relationship with him, without knowing that his father raped his sisters.  

These solicitors : Kim Rowley, Sam Nasti, Robert McLachlan, Kathryn Renshall, Ross Clarke and Barrister Peter Braine are the hit men for the Department and for the NSW Childrens Court.  They started a so called mentor programme when the childrens courts started in 1998.  [Their] Ex-clients strongly warn everybody to stay away from these solicitors, as they will pretend that they are working for you but have already made agreements with the department and the courts that your child will stay in care.

Peter Braine is a bully and talks down to women.  His favourite line is "Legal Aid does not pay me enough money to work on your case".  He complains about lack of money and does not take instructions from his clients.  He does not explain anything to you and will not answer emails or telephone calls.  He often states paying customers are on the top and legal aid clients are on the bottom.  He lies to his clients telling them false information and is abusive in his manner.  He is not to be trusted.  His office has paperwork all over the ground and he often loses important documents.  He will not put evidence in for you and often tells his clients false information so they will give up and walk away.

  1. Ward of the State fee67There are 39,000 Children all up under DoCS /Facs NSW
  2. The Children in care of the State of NSW today ...Will be the Forgotten Australians of tommorow.
  3. Pru Goward states she desperately wanted the job of Community Services Minister

Before Pru got the job she also stated she would start sending children home to thier parents and families.
This is because she recieved literally hundreds upon hundreds of emails, letters and visits from parents and families of stolen children whilst in opposition and knew exactly what was going on in Child Protection NSW prior to the State election of March 2011.

Pru Goward is just another theatrical puppet for Government enforced Foster Mills headed up by Corporate NGO's, the old adage of State & Church now joined by Corporate blood sucking parasites who aim to earn as much dirty lucre as they can from the misery of NSW families and thier innocent children. The campaign is one of fear and class cleansing in order to employ thousands of middle class workers to assist the new corporate NGO's in thier supply on demand modus operandi.

Community Services NSW would have the general public believe that the caseworker exodus is due mainly to under funding and job pressures. Caseworkers are walking away from thier employement in child protection NSW due to work place bullying by superiors and managers who are forcing young caseworkers to go with the flow or suffer the consequences.These bullying Case Managers have been successfully indoctrinated by the hostile, toxic and malicious system that it is now better known as. FosterCarers are being bullied and victimised every bit as much as the parents of children who do not warrant State Care.

The complaints system is an absolute joke as it simply does NOT exist. The system will tell the complainant to refer back to the caseworker the complaint refers to..hows that for a major Governmental department joke. Annette Gallard DoCs CEO and damage controller who retired last year sent out substandard letters to hundreds of complainants on behalf of the Minister stating exactly the above...please refer your complaint back to the caseworker your complaint refers to.. By the way..Annette Gallard was successful in changing the Human Tissues ACTand led the review to have all State Wards made compulsory organ donors.One can only imagine the size of Miss Gallards retirement cheque.

Since Pru Goward became the new puppet on the string ...

We have thousands of innocent children being handed over to many of the abusers of the past ...i'm sure a great percent of us have read the recent demands for a Royal Commission into the Catholic Church and State institutional abuses of innocent children and Justice Woods got it so wrong when he recommended this tragic move.. The pityful sorries that have come about in the recent two from these churches and institutions do nothing for the one million victims who suffered being raped, buggarised and beaten as children in thier care and now we are going to entrust them all over again because of one meaningless word.
Forced adoptions are back in fashion and as you stated 18 years in state wardship via long term or permanent care equates to forced adoption..mind you the NSW politicians are all over adopion of children in care at the moment, thier gearing up to adopt out hundreds of children The labour wards are being raided all over NSW by DoCs baby snatchers , new borns less than an hour old are being ripped from their mothers arms before they are breast fed and delivered to


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