A simple message to the NRM Board (Natural Resources Management Board)

I was in tears all day yesterday. I was in tears talking on 5AA last night; I am in tears now as I write this short letter to all my friends. I am just a simple man with simple knowledge of what nature simply shows me.  And the entire well-educated greenies out there that help make up all the rules and regulations and laws we are now under.

Our Farmers have toiled these lands for many generations producing some of the best clean green produce in the world and at the same time preserved the pristine environment and ecology over all that time. Now suddenly in the last 10 or so years everything has changed for the worst even our precious wildlife are finding it hard to get a drink. I would like to show you pictures of wildlife that have escaped the bushfire lined up at the fences surrounding the chain of ponds and Kangaroo dam. But they are far too graphic.

Everything that is alive grows.  My hair grows, if I don’t cut it I will eventually trip over it.  Trees grow and lose their branches; leaves and seeds all fall to the ground. Grass and undergrowth grow which generates fuel for bushfires. A burning fire requires two things – oxygen and fuel. We can’t control the oxygen but we can control the fuel.

The Greens and NRM Board preach about ‘native habitat’, and prevent people harvesting fallen branches throughout forests within heavily populated rural areas and now fine them for doing so. But what kind of ‘native habitat’ is preserved with these huge wildfires?  We need to look at the big picture and use the wisdom of hindsight and not be dictated to by people whom have little or no real-world experience but other hidden agenda’s.

RIGHT NOW the NRM Board (with the blessing of both the Liberal and Labor Governments) are forcing landowners to fence off their dams and plant prickly acacia (kerosene bush which is highly flammable) in order to prevent stock and wildlife from drinking the water. What is the point of dictating to ‘preserve habitat’ while denying the very same native animals entry to water?  Do we see some hypocrisy here?  Can such gross stupidity exist at such high levels, or (more likely) what is the hidden agenda?

Why are our water supplies surrounded by massive 8’ high fences, preventing the natural survival of wildlife to water that has been enjoyed by them for hundreds of years?

RIGHT NOW the NRM Board is actively regulating the placement of low-flow pipes for dams on rural properties.  In the not too distant future, will there be yet another expensive ‘enquiry’ to determine why the CFS were unable to access sufficient water to fight the next bushfire??  Who will be held accountable?  We need to capture water, not low-flow pipe it.

The Government dictates that landowners cannot retain their water storage because it is needed for townships.  Yet they have allowed overseas fat-cats to buy water rights to this most precious resource – effectively excluding our food grower’s access to water that has now been changed into a moneymaking commodity.  Any wonder the state’s water supply is so massively fenced off – it is no longer a resource to which we the common people are entitled – it is now a saleable commodity to rich overseas investors, and the government is making a good cut out of it. If you are willing to pay $3.80 for a litre bottle of water at the shops and only pay $1.41 at the Servo for Petrol then you will see the problem very clearly.  So we see that the agenda is not so hidden if we take off our blinkers.

We are all currently paying very high costs to maintain a Massive Desalination Plant sitting in mothballs doing nothing.  Are we paying for it for our future survival? Or are we maintaining it out of our own pockets so they can charge us mega-dollars for the water from it in the future when a 1-litre bottle of water will cost you $10?

If I look at all this from a simple farmers point of view by living and working with the environment, then none of the above makes sense.  But if I look at it from a corporate point of view then it ALL makes sense…

Yes fires will always happen this time of year, and they will happen again next year, but do we all need to sit back and let bureaucracy fuel the next fires by fining us ALL for clearing the undergrowth??????

I have much more to say about this, but without people that are not brainwashed by politics there is no point is there?

I love my country! Do you?

Source : https://www.facebook.com/Mark.M.Aldridge.Independent/posts/10153075367194124

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