WikiDetectives Evidence Report on Watter Twins 2017

WikiDetectives research has found that the father (Michael Watters) is guilty of the two girls and their mothers claims.  Here is a summary of the corruption and cover-ups to date:

  1. Police failed to investigate allegations of child sexual abuse and operated at the outset from the premise that the mother had trained the children to make false reports.

Leak 17 - Cassie’s Diary Part 2

There are no words to describe the horror these two children have been through with their perverted, rapist father!

This little, bullying, coward, who rapes little girls!  This pathetic excuse for a so called man!  Never mind the fact, you, his supporters are also to blame for the continued rape of his little girls!

Say what you like after having read all of these leaks — there is no longer any excuses for supporting this vile, sickening, perverted excuse for a man!

Those of you that are able to read what "grooming" is all about and then tell me they have not been groomed!  You disgust me almost as much as he does!

Mothers labelled as delusional by courts

COURTS are giving alleged sex abuser fathers custody of their children in Tasmania, a child protection expert says.

Mothers alleging such abuse are being declared mentally ill or delusional and to be the "dangerous parent", according to Professor Freda Briggs, a former Scotland Yard child protection officer who visited the Coast in September.

"Having recently spent time in Tasmania, I am concerned that no-one appears to be protecting very young children from father-child incest when there is a case pending in the Family Court or a Family Court order is in place," Prof Briggs said in a letter to Premier Lara Giddings in December.

Mothers 'labelled dangerous'

Q-Police Commissioner Ian Stewart unconcerned over child with STD and bleeding anus

Queensland Police Commissioner, Ian Stewart, get off your pedestal !! #Leak75 - We have a BIG problem with Queensland Police Commissioner Ian Stewart!  The attached news report is an indication of the type of person who has been elected into office and this is only a part of the problem! (Click to view)

This so-called "leader" is a law unto himself and is NOT doing his job.  A man in his position who has the attitude of “it is my way or the highway“ is someone totally lacking in leadership qualities !  We also call into question his professionalism(or should we say – lack thereof) and call on him to step down off his pedestal, admit to the fact that he is exhibiting qualities that do not match those expected of a policeman in his position.

How can someone who professes to be a professional policeman. ..

  • MAKE A JUDGEMENT on a case where he admits to :-
  • NOT having viewed tapes of a police interview between one of his officers, child safety and the mother?
  • NOT viewed the interview between the children and the the police, child safety?
  • REFUSES to accept the analysis by a qualified individual of the interview, said interview not having been watched by himself?
  • NOT having read any of the supervisor’s reports of abuse by the father?
  • NOT having viewed ANY of the other police and child safety interviews of the girls?

What an abject display of ignorance by this so called leader Ian Stewart!  The fact that a child, YES A CHILD, has a sexually transmitted infection and a bleeding anus is of NO concern to him.  It really says it all doesn’t it?