Patrick ‘Paddy’ Moriarty: Van linked to missing Larrimah man

POLICE are searching for the driver of a Mitsubishi Delica van who may hold the key to solving the disappearance of Larrimah man Patrick “Paddy” Moriarty.

Mr Moriarty, 70, went missing from the tiny outback town on Saturday, December 16.

He hasn’t been heard from since.

Inala siblings who never came home among the many missing people across nation

Melony and Chad Sutton were just teenagers when they went missing from Brisbane's south-west in 1992.

They were last seen leaving their Inala home walking to school after missing their bus.

Their family later learnt they had intended to hitchhike to Perth and neither sibling, who would now be in their late 30s early 40s, has been seen or heard from since.

Grisly past of ‘highway of death’ where missing man vanished

Police Search For Man Missing in Charters Towers. Credit - Queensland Police Service via Storyful

IT’S known to locals as the “highway of death”, where a thrill killer is rumoured to have lurked on a desolate stretch of road where 11 people have vanished, with some found murdered.
Now there is a twelfth, missing Newcastle man Jayden Penno-Tompsett, who disappeared close to the cursed Flinders Highway in Charters Towers. The mystery of the 22-year-old last seen on New Year’s Eve has baffled, but not surprised, locals.
Just three years ago, Mark Jones told the Courier-Mail: “It is it’s own world out there. Strange things do happen in those wild empty spaces.’’
Mr Jones was speaking about another man who went missing on the Flinders Highway, his brother, whose remains have never been found.
Fresh leads emerged about the possible killer of his brother and others who disappeared on the same stretch of outback road decades before Mr Penno-Tompsett became the latest mystery.
The Flinders Highway in Queensland is known as the ‘highway of death’ for the 11 young people who have vanished or disappeared along it. Picture: Wesley Monts.
The Flinders Highway in Queensland is known as the ‘highway of death’ for the 11 young people who have vanished or disappeared along it.
 The 22-year-old vanished along the Flinders Highway on December 31.
Sensible Creek near Charters Towers, where the skeleton of Robin Hoinville-Bartram, 18, was found shot in the head in 1972.
They include teenagers Robin Hoinville-Bartram and Anita Cunningham who vanished in 1972, Robin’s body later found shot twice through the head under a rail bridge near Charters Towers.
The Flinders Highway is an isolated 800km stretch from Townsville, winding 140km southwest to Charters Towers, on through the even more remote Queensland towns of Hughenden, Julia Creek and Cloncurry.
There, it meets the Barkly Highway to the famed mining town of Mount Isa.
Tony Jones was hitchhiking along the Flinders on the night of November 3, 1982 when he vanished and, his family believes, was murdered. He was last seen on a section of the highway near Antill Plains Creek, 25km south of Townsville.
This is where the bodies of sisters Judith, 7, and Susan Mackay, 5, were found in August 1970, raped and murdered. Judith had been stabbed in the chest and Susan strangled.
Police at the murder scene under Sensible Creek bridge in 1972, where only one of the girls was found.
Robin Hoinville-Bartram was shot twice in the head.

Anita Cunningham is still missing from the Flinders Highway.The Flinders Highway is an isolated 800km stretch from Townsville, winding 140km southwest to Charters Towers (above). Picture: Google MapsThe Flinders Highway is an isolated 800km stretch from Townsville, winding 140km southwest to Charters Towers.

The NSW-registered maroon Nissan Pulsar sedan, which Mr Penno-Tompsett was travelling in before he went missing.
The following month, a man in a Charters Towers hotel confessed to the murders, but he was never traced.
The body of Catherine Graham, 18, was found raped and murdered at Antill Creek in 1975, She had been bashed to death with a rock.
In October 1978, Karen Edwards, Gordon Twaddle and Timothy Thompson were found shot in the head near Mt Isa, about 250km west of Julia Creek.
In 2003, following flooding in the Charters Towers area, police again searched Sensible Creek rail bridge for traces of Anita Cunningham.
It was the same area where Robin Hoinville-Bartram’s skeletal remains had been found, but a fresh search failed to find any trace of Ms Cunningham, who is still listed as missing along the Flinders Highway.
Mr Penno-Tompsett was driving a car with his friend, Lucas Tattersall, when he vanished.
As exclusively revealed by, Mr Tattersall said the pair visited the Puma roadhouse on the Flinders Highway around dawn on December 31.
The Mackay sisters, Judith, 7, and Susan, 5, whose bodies were found stabbed, raped and strangled at Antil Plains Creek off the Flinders Highway.
The Mackay sisters, Judith, 7, and Susan, 5, whose bodies were found stabbed, raped and strangled at Antil Plains Creek off the Flinders Highway.
The murdered sisters’ distraught father Bill Mackay at the site where his daughters were found in August 1970.The murdered sisters’ distraught father Bill Mackay at the site where his daughters were found in August 1970.
Tony Jones went missing on the ‘highway of death’ and his remains have never been found.
Tony Jones went missing on the ‘highway of death’ and his remains have never been found. Source:Supplied
Mr Penno-Tompsett was “upset and agitated” as he drove in a maroon Nissan Pulsar on Stockroute Road, near the Flinders Highway at Breddan 16km north east of Charters Towers.
The two young men had an argument and Mr Tattersall drove on towards their intended destination of Cairns, he said.
Mr Tattersall told police Mr Penno-Tompsett got out of the car near a property with a red iron fence and a bull’s skull on a post near a silver fenced set of yards.
Mr Tattersall said his friend had told him there was a warrant out for his arrest, and had argued with his father.
In an interview with, Brendan Tompsett said he didn’t care about what the argument was over — he just wanted his son back.
Police in helicopters have searched the area near from where Mr Penno-Tompsett is believed to have vanished, and have doorknocked properties.
Truck driver Dwain Potter told Fairfax news hitchhiking was still common practice along the Flinders Highway, despite its grisly past.
In 2014, jailed killer Andy Albury allegedly confessed in prison to a killing spree along the highway between 1970 and 1980. “It’s called the highway of death, you know,” Mr Potter said.
“A lot of people went missing here in the 70s and 80s ... but that was a long time ago.”
Charters Towers police described the latest incident as “certainly an unusual disappearance” and said the community “wants to find Jayden safe and well”.
A remote stretch on the highway. Picture: Lachie Millard.
A remote stretch on the highway. Picture: Lachie Millard.  Source: News Corp Australia
Catherine Graham: raped and murdered on the desolate road.
Catherine Graham: raped and murdered on the desolate road.  Source: Supplied
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Missing: The people who vanished into thin air in the Northern Territory

Desert, 40C heat, a patchwork of rocky escarpments, dry sunbaked land, buffalo, snakes, crocodiles and a transient population make for tough conditions to live in.

And it’s just as demanding when trying to find someone who’s missing.

But the officers tasked with finding a missing person are dedicated to the cases.

EACH year 38,000 people go missing in Australia. Of those, 98 per cent of missing persons cases result in a person being found safe and well.

Tomorrow marks the start of National Missing Persons Week, which is commemorating 30 years this year.

The Australian Federal Police categorise a long-term missing person as someone who has been missing for more than three months.

Across Australia there are about 2000 long-term missing people — some of who were last seen in the Northern Territory.

Helsa Winton, 15, missing from Katherine, NT

MISSING PERSON: Police are searching for 15-year-old Katherine girl Helsa Winton, who has not been seen since leaving her home on March 18.

KATHERINE police are calling for public assistance as they attempt to locate a 15-year-old girl missing since March 18.

Helsa Winton was last seen leaving her home on Maluka Road in Katherine East early yesterday morning.

Cheryle XXX from SA, 64, missing after disagreement with partner over best route to campsite in Central Australia

A 64-year-old woman from South Australia is missing near Kings Canyon in Central Australia, after what police describe as a "dispute" over the best way back to camp.

On Friday afternoon police intensified the search and deployed extra volunteers from Hermannsburg, an Aboriginal community about 131km south-west of Alice Springs.

The woman from the town of Millicent, about 400km south-east of Adelaide, went for a walk with her partner near the Salt Creek rest area yesterday morning, but the pair became separated in Watarrka National Park, about 240 kilometres from Alice Springs.

Michael Cooper missing from Alice Springs area

Northern Territory Police are appealing for public help in locating a 41-year-old man who went missing while driving from Alice Springs to Adelaide.

Michael Cooper last made contact with his family and friends on December 18.

Lindsay Edward Judas - Clues to whereabouts of missing man could be in the NT

A WESTERN Australian man whose disappearance has been described as “totally out of character” is now at the centre of a murder investigation – and clues to his whereabouts could be in the Northern Territory.

The remote Australian highways where murderers have hunted their victims

Some of Australia’s most notorious killers have taken advantage of the anonymity of the open road.  AUSTRALIA seems to have more things that will kill you than anywhere else.  Our beaches are stalked by razor-fanged sharks, blue-ringed octopuses and box jellyfish.  Backyards are filled with funnel web spiders and deadly spiders.  The outback is filled venomous snakes, poisonous plants and crocodile-infested rivers.

It’s a dangerous country. And isolated Australian roads are no place to break down.

Home to teeth-rattling corrugations, wild flies and punishing weather, these highways are also where unlucky travellers have met their fate.

Queensland's Wolf Creek? Has a serial killer been hunting victims on this remote highway?

DOES a serial killer stalk an outback stretch of road infamously dubbed the "highway of death"?

As police investigate fresh leads in the 32-year-old murder mystery of hitchhiker Tony Jones, the spectre of a thrill killer hangs over at least 11 unsolved cold cases on the Flinders Highway.

Has a serial killer been roaming the Stuart Highway for over 30 years?

For over thirty years people have been disappearing from the Stuart Highway.  Over fifty people that we are aware of.  The hunting's began sometimes a year or so apart, and now they are only months apart. 

If you are travelling this route, you are strongly advised to NEVER EVER stop for anybody.  Even authoritarian vehicles, I would be heading for first town before pulling off the road.  Do not stop for anybody, no matter the circumstances because this killer is still out there, possibly in big part due to the governments continual cover-up of all the persons murdered and missing.

In 2007 the Northern Territory Missing Persons Unit had 62 reported outstanding missing persons. A

Will latest Wolf Creek-style attack on backpackers scare young people from coming to Australia?

THE latest Wolf Creek-style attack on tourists has invoked the spectre of Australia’s backpacker-hunting bogeymen, among them Ivan Milat and Bradley John Murdoch.

Fear of ‘backpacker killers’ is right up there with spiders, sharks and poisonous snakes when it comes to the primal fears held by the rest of the world about Australia, transforming our stunning landscapes into nightmarish backdrops.

The incident at Tea Tree Point near Salt Creek in Coorong National Park in South Australia saw two bloodsoaked European backpackers rescued from the sand dunes.

It evoked scenes reminiscent of Australian horror flick Wolf Creek and has sent backpacker agencies into meltdown.

Police troubled by growing missing persons list

Northern Territory police say they are concerned by the number of people who have gone missing in the Barkly region recently.

David Rawnsley, 33, is described as caucasian with a slight build and dark hair, and his fiancee, Belinda Elliot, 33, has shoulder length brown curly hair, a large build and is about 160 centimetres tall.

The Tennant Creek couple left the town on January 29 in their black commodore to travel to Alice Springs and has not been heard from since January 31.

New Zealander Jamie Herdman and Queenslander Oswald Orman have also gone missing in the Barkly region in the past few months.

Watch commander Bob Harrison says anyone with information should contact Tennant Creek police.

"It's concerning seeing that lately there's been a number of people gone missing around the Tennant Creek area," he said.

"Police are certainly concerned because they contacted their family last on the 31st of January and said they were going back to Tennant Creek but never turned up."

Commander Harrison says police would like to speak to any mechanics who may have fixed a black VN Commodore recently.

"It appears they'd experienced some car trouble and had booked their car in to get fixed and were supposedly heading back to Tennant Creek the next day," he said.

"It's the last they've been seen of, so Tennant Creek have asked that if anyone's seen them to give them a call at Tennant Creek police station."

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Ronya Livoni was last seen on 10 March 1980

Ronya Livoni was last seen by her mother at their home on 10 March 1980.

Ronya left home without a change of clothing or any money.

Andrew Robert Johnson went missing from Elliot, NT in 1994.

Andrew Johnson resigned from his job in Adelaide in June 1994 and intended to work his way around Australia.

On 13 November 1994, his car was found abandoned in scrub off the Stuart Highway near Elliot, Northern Territory.

There have been no sightings of Andrew since.

Susan Faye Mehlhopt missing since 1996

Susan was last seen at the Darwin Show in either July 1996 or 97. She told her mother at the show that she was leaving to join the circus. The circus was believed to the show circuit and she was to look after the children's horse merry-go-round.  She has made no contact with her family since.

Name: Susan Faye MEHLHOPT alias Samantha FRANCIS

Barry Ross Wood missing from Darwin since 2001

Barry was last seen on 29 September 2001 between the hours of 1800 to 1830hrs. Barry informed his flat mate that he would attend the Paul Kelly Concert held at the Casino Lawns later.

He appeared to be in good health and spirits. MP's flat mate returned home from the concert around 2330hrs and MP was not home. All personal belonging including passports and a will were left at the unit. The MP's Yamaha motor cycle NT 76265 and his bicycle were also left at the unit. The MP was wearing a t shirt, brown shorts and sandals. It would appear that the mp is on foot.

Julie Beyer dead, inquest finds 28 Jun 2012, midnight

Julie Beyer dead, inquest finds 28 Jun 2012, midnight.

A LAVINGTON woman who went missing in 2004 when aged 43 was yesterday declared dead after an Albury inquest.

Stan Dobias, Czech, disappears from Attack Creek, Sep 24, 2005

Sept 24, 2005 - Czechoslovakian man Stan Dobias, 60, disappears after walking down a track to lock the gates to the property he was living on in the Attack Creek area, near Alice Springs.

The case of Stan Dobias, 60, who also disappeared from Attack Creek, on September 9, 2005, is not described in the same breath. Dobias was suffering from Alzheimer's. He was a caretaker at the Attack Creek gravel pits and had gone to lock a gate and has not been seen since. It is widely accepted that he became confused, wandered, and perished.

Those who live up and down Territory road stops are familiar with the phenomenon of people with problems taking themselves to the open road to find something but, instead, losing themselves.

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Aloysious Hayes missing from Williams Well outstation, 2006

Aloysious Hayes, a 41-yearold Aboriginal man, went missing after he went with family to William Well an outstation about 20 kilometres south-east of Alice Springs.
His family became concerned and alerted police when it became apparent he never returned to Alice Springs and despite an extensive police search, no-one has seen him since.

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  • Tennant Creek - Mount Isa
    The Flinders Highway in Queensland is known as the ‘highway of death’ for the 11 young people who have vanished or disappeared along it.