David ‘Avocado’ Wolfe: Calls to stop anti-vaxxer and flat earther giving Sydney talk

David Wolfe: Flat Earther brings anti-vax message to Australia.

* Nurses, midwives warned not to share anti-vaccination messages.

* THE NSW opposition is calling on the state government to intervene to stop a talk being given by noted anti-vaccination proponent David “Avocado” Wolfe in Sydney.

Opposition health spokesman Walt Secord wants the state to attempt to prevent the International Convention Centre from allowing Mr Wolfe to speak on March 3.

Mr Secord has slammed the use of a "taxpayer-funded facility" for such a purpose and is adamant the booking needs to be cancelled.

Anti-vaccination campaigner David ‘Avocado’ Wolfe’s Sydney event has drawn criticism from health experts and the Opposition.

"The anti-vaccination movement places our children, the immune-compromised, cancer patients and the whole community for that matter at an unacceptable risk," he said.

Mr Secord said the state's "reputation for hosting world class events and seminars is also put at risk".

Mr Wolfe bills himself as a "highly sought-after health and personal success speaker" and an expert in superfoods and longevity.

Wolfe is booked to deliver his controversial talk at the International Convention Centre. Photo: Bob Barker.
In relation to vaccination, his website erroneously states: "A growing body of evidence indicates that vaccines are not safe and that they can injure, permanently maim, or even kill you or a family member."

"The damage caused by vaccines can no longer be ignored, nor can it be dismissed as a necessary evil,’’ it says.

No credible evidence draws such a conclusion, with the vast majority of health professionals and medical ­experts agreeing vaccines are necessary and effective.

An ICC Sydney spokeswoman said the only way the state could intervene in events is if they are deemed illegal, ­offensive or unsafe.

Source : http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/news/nsw/david-avocado-wolfe-calls-to-stop-antivaxxer-and-flat-earther-giving-sydney-talk/news-story/7a1ac9b6da541f2815f44c659e684452

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