Reform for better child protection

The legislative changes listed herein, are submitted to ensure that both parents and children's fundamental human rights will no longer be the subject of continuous violation, and to ensure that all agencies involved in child protection, including their legal representatives are bound by the rules of law.

For too many years the government has been removing children from parents without lawful cause, the stolen generations have never stopped.  They make their apologies, however make no effort to change the system that caused the issues in the first place.  Twenty years later is too late to say "sorry".  Fixing the flaws in this system now is the only way.  And making those accountable for their cruel, ruthless and unlawful actions is just the beginning.  No more "sorries", we want action.

If anybody has any further suggestions for improvements to our child protection system, please feel free to forward those ideas to us, for review, and inclusion in these submission.  We do understand that people involved in the system have a much better understanding of what changes need to be implemented in order for the system to be protective.

Please find attached our legislative changes or Out of Home Care Inquiry Speech


#3 National child advocateGuest 2011-05-19 02:37
#2 National child advocateGuest 2011-05-19 02:34
Hi, I am after copies from every State and Territory of applications made by docs to the childrens courts in child protection matters. I need these to get copies of the templates they use , the blank forms they fill out and give to the court. I have some, not sure if I can obtain more via govt. The people have their personal copies. I know these forms they docs download via the net come from the attorney-genera ls dept. The blank forms are probably illegal and are used to disguise the evidence by presenting information in a manner that does not show the different sections, ie the allegations and the facts. Can u help? email me at or post to Isabel Field Po Box 13093 Law Courts Post VIC 8010
Tell everyone, get me copies from everywhere. I need a few from each State.
+8 #1 Please CommentGuest 2011-04-01 17:51
:lol: Please add your own suggestions for amending this shithouse system into an actual child protection system where kids are no longer abused for profit.

Feel free to use any of the above information in your own submissions to government enquiries etc.

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