The CDC once again have made another irresponsible and potentially very damaging statement, this time in regards to a mothers contact with their newborn baby:

According to the new hospital guidelines, which were also published by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynaecology, infants born to mothers with coronavirus should be considered persons under investigation (PUIs) and should be isolated in accordance with infection prevention guidance. [source]

And yet we know this so-called deadly strain of the Coronavirus affects less than 1% of under 9 year olds and even less babies. Children across the World typically are unaffected by the COVID19 virus and its been baffling Scientists, but its a fact nevertheless.

Breastfeeding, close contact with its mother, this is what all newborns need to ensure the healthiest start physically and emotionally. Whether the mother has Coronavirus or not is irrelevant based on the data we have on how it affects children, particularly when you compare the data we have on the damage caused by separation from the mother at Birth.

New studies actually suggest a pro-longed seperation at birth can alter brain development, forever.

The Conversation reports:

Any serious and prolonged disruption of parental care, especially in infants and very young children, alters how the young brain develops. Very young children, younger than five years old, separated from their parents cannot rely on their presence and care anymore, which causes their stress levels to spike.

As stress hormones like cortisol, epinephrine and norepineprhine rise, they alter physiological functions of our bodies to better prepare us to cope with threat. However, prolonged increases in the levels of stress hormones disrupt physiological functions and induce inflammation and epigenetic changes – chemical alterations that disrupt the activity of our genes.

Turning genes on or off at the wrong time alters the developmental trajectory of the brain, changing how neural networks are formed and how brain regions communicate.Source :

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