The Children 4

If anybody doubts that the truth of the assertion that incestuous child sexual abuse is no longer considered to be a crime in Australia they might review the complete disregard for the torrent of correspondence by numerous persons, including Dr Pridgeon, to multiple persons who should have been able to intervene and did not do so.
It is a demonstrable fact that the AFP have deliberately lied about the children’s abuse, while protecting the abusers (and actually delivering the children to the abusive father) while intimidating, harassing, arresting and prosecuting Australians who have made it their lifes work to protect children.
Child protection advocates and organisations have been searched by large numbers of AFP, they have been hamstrung in their efforts to protect children, they are being shut down.
Children will not benefit from this: child rapists will.
Hon Dianne Farmer
Minister of Child Safety
Dear Minister 
This is the fourth letter I have written to you about the most urgent matter of child welfare and safety and at the time of writing I have had no response from you. The (children) remain in the custody of their father, the person who (the children) have identified multiple times as the perpetrator of their abuse. 
My emails are now being blocked from reaching you. Did you know this? Was this at your direction?
The facts of the treatment of (the protective mother) and her children are so appalling that if they became public it would shock and shame this country. Your wilful inaction is inexcusable and will inevitably become public knowledge. You may believe you can hide behind Official Secrecy but the truth always comes out. 
I append the report on the sexual abuse of (the children) by the late Professor Freda Briggs.
She was the pre-eminent authority on child sexual abuse in the country and was asked to review the case. 
This horrifying document outlines (the children’s) disclosures of abuse and the institutional response to them by the Police and Child Safety. It outlines the incompetence and the malfeasance of these agencies who completely failed to protect these children from years of ongoing rape. Their conduct was, in my opinion, criminal. 
Again Minister I appeal to you to use your executive powers to immediately  remove these children from the custody of their father (the abusive father), and get them to safety. 
Yours sincerely 
Dr Russell Pridgeon 

What country in the world condones rape of a child age 2? The answer is Australia.

It is important that Australians understand the de facto reality that has arisen in Australia, without being noticed or commented upon by anybody: incest is no longer considered to be a crime by the Child Protection authorities, the courts, or the parliaments of this country.
It is the nearest thing to an impossibility to have a child’s allegations of sexual abuse by a family member competently investigated: the authorities will make any excuse not to prosecute the offender.
The letter below was sent to a Federal MP who was reported in the media as being deeply opposed to child sexual abuse: there was no effective response: only a form letter from a secretary:
Dr  W. R. M. Pridgeon
Grafton 2460 NSW
Mr Steven Irons 
MP for Swan
Dear Sir,
I was forwarded your media coverage where you were quoted as saying that child sexual abuse is abhorrent. I absolutely agree, and I write to you today begging you to use your position and influence to prevent the ongoing rape of the (children), age 11years, who have been sexually abused every year of their lives, except for the 4 years that they were fugitive with their mother (protective mother). They have been apprehended recently and sent to live with (the abusive father), their father, who the (children) have disclosed on numerous occasions has abused them.
You asked: "what country in the world says the abuse and rape of a two year old child is acceptable".
The answer, Sir, is Australia. 
While the Police and Courts investigate and prosecute child rape by strangers diligently, if not always competently, the crime of intra-familial sexual abuse is, in practical terms, impossible to prosecute and convict.
The child protection authorities and police, and most particularly the Family Court of Australia literally traffic children for abuse by the thousand. 
The appalling history of incompetence and malfeasance surrounding the complete failure to investigate the sexual abuse of the (children) is merely a cameo of a much larger problem.
(the abusive father) has a history of continuing to abuse these children despite being repeatedly confronted about his crimes: his compulsion to abuse is enormous. I see that you understand that this is the normal situation with paedophiles. 
I have written to the Queensland state authorities, the Ministers of Child Safety and Police, and the shadow ministers, and have met with a wall of silence.
Mr Stephen Bennett, shadow minister of child safety has responded saying that he has written a letter, but he will not raise this in parliament.
These children are at risk NOW, there is every likelihood they are being abused NOW, yet nothing is done.
The apprehension of (protective mother) and her children by the AFP  initially received wide medial coverage, this has been silenced. The facts of their trafficking for years of abuse is hidden from the Australian public by Section 121, which was legislation intended to protect children from prurient media coverage, and now hides the crimes of those who traffic children for abuse.
The terror being experienced by these children who are now totally under the power of their extremely violent father cannot be imagined.
Mr Irons, I understand that child sexual abuse is supposed to be a state responsibility, but the underlying problem here is the malfeasance of the Family Court of Australia, a Federal Court, these children were returned to their abuser by AFP.
And in the end, you are in the same position that I am: no decent man can turn his back on a crime as evil as child rape.
I have appended a small sample of the correspondence that have sent in my desperation about these children to the authorities who are tasked with protecting them. I have had no effective response, in most cases no response at all.
As you can see from the correspondence I have made it known to these ministers that I have sheltered these children and their mother while they were fugitive.
Thus far I have not been charged for my crime, although I am certain this must happen soon.
What happens to me is of no consequence: the important thing is that these children must be made safe.
While we have been assisting these and other children to escape abuse we have been trying to lift the veil of secrecy hiding child trafficking by exposing it on the internet.
I am writing to you Sir, to beg you, to absolutely implore you to use you position of power and authority to rescue these children from the horror they must certainly be enduring.
I am willing to meet you anywhere that you wish.
I hope and trust that you will do your best to rescue these children
Yours sincerely
Dr Russell Pridgeon

Paedophile police officer accused of raping 13-year-old girl in car back seat while he filmed her tells jurors: 'She seemed to be enjoying it'

Paedophile police officer accused of raping 13-year-old girl in car back seat while he filmed her tells jurors: 'She seemed to be enjoying it'.

Ian Naude, 30, picked up the teenager from her house while her mother was out after being called to their home over a domestic incident.

Townsville Police Child Sex Crimes Unit accused of protecting paedophiles and targetting those helping raped children

Congratulations on the Australian Federal Police for sending three innocent men and one courageous lady (Big brave police they are!), to be tried by the paedophile protecting family court judges.

By the way, great news press with the AFP’s Debbie Platz saying ‘how many issues the “stolen” children have’ - though we at Alecomm highly doubt it’s anything, compared to being raped by ur daddy - which is what these men were protecting these children from. 

Unfortunately Townsville Detective Miles, heading the child sex abuse crimes unit already gave evidence about how he concealed sex crimes against children when sequestered in the current royal commission - read the transcripts.

Now he’s the state cop feeding the federal cops the lies that the children were never sexually abused by their father. 

Two high-level government child trafficking rings busted - U.S. media silent Jack Burns The Free Thought Project Wed, 15 Mar 2017

In late 2016, the government's spin machine made it a point to feature "pizza gate," only to mock anyone who would ever believe it to be true. The thought that high-level government officials in the U.S. would or could ever be involved in sex-trafficking or pedophilia was presented as far-fetched conspiracy theory, only believed by the fringe elements of society. But as The Free Thought Project has reported on numerous occasions, pedophilia involving high-level government officials is becoming the norm rather than the exception.

Police protect paedophile within their ranks

A former Victorian police officer has been convicted of raping children during his time on the force.

The former officer, whose name has been suppressed to protect the identity of his victims, has pleaded guilty to 18 offences against nine children, including his own stepchildren, which were committed between 1967 and 1979.

Largest paedophile ring in history - seventy thousand members including heads of state.

Millions read the news today, the pedophile ring “busted” or the earlier article about how the FBI actually ran it for several weeks, expanding it, drawing in tens of thousands. Those who read it thought they knew, thought they were getting the story but as is so often the case, the truth goes so much further.

When Veterans Today tied the murder of Supreme Court Justice Anthony Scalia to a White House blackmail plot and a strange tale involving the Keshe Foundation, it became clear that the highest and most powerful in Europe, the US and around the world, were tied together in a web of ritual child abuse on a massive scale. For the Scalia tale, refer to Appendix I.

Theresa May scraps panel for inquiry into child sex abuse, report says

Home-Affairs-Select-Commi-010.jpgPanel members have angrily accused home secretary of ignoring the majority of abuse survivors with latest move, according to Exaro News

Theresa May is to scrap the panel for the independent inquiry into child sex abuse, it has been reported.

Woman who fell pregnant at the age of 11 after being raped by a policeman who sexually assaulted nine children slams legal technicality that keeps his identity secret

A woman who fell pregnant and miscarried at age 11 after being raped by a paedophile former policeman is fighting to name her abuser.

  • Tracey May was raped by a serial paedophile former policeman when she was 11
  • She became pregnant and miscarried, and is one of a dozen of the man's victims 
  • The Victorian legal system prevents her from naming the man who abused her

Westminster paedophile dossier

A dossier on paedophiles allegedly associated with the British government was assembled by the British Member of Parliament Geoffrey Dickens, who handed it to the then-Home Secretary, Leon Brittan, in 1984. The whereabouts of the dossier is unknown, along with other files on organised child abuse that had been held by the Home Office.[1]

In 2013, the Home Office stated that all relevant information had been passed to the police, and that Dickens' dossier had not been retained. It was later disclosed that 114 documents concerning child abuse allegations were missing. In July 2014, the Labour Party called for a new inquiry into the way that the allegations had been handled, and the Prime Minister, David Cameron, ordered the permanent secretary of the Home Office, Mark Sedwill, to investigate the circumstances of the lost dossier.

Submissions to Theresa May’s child sex abuse inquiry accidentally deleted

3677.jpgVictims of alleged child abuse who submitted testimonies to website between 14 September and 2 October deleted due to technical blunder.

Information provided by alleged child abuse victims to the overarching inquiry set up by Theresa May has been deleted due to a blunder, it has emerged.

Swinging' sex ring mother pleads guilty to abuse of daughter

9629782-3x2-460x307.jpgA Perth woman wiped away tears today as she pleaded guilty to being part of a child sex ring that involved the abuse of her young daughter by herself and two other men.

Key points:

  • Three people, a woman and two men, were charged over child sex abuse incidents linked to "swinging" sex parties
  • They have all pleaded guilty to an initial string of charges connected to the abuse of the woman's 8-year-old daughter
  • They are yet to plead to hundreds of additional charges laid by police a month after the initial charges

Man to serve eight weeks jail for torment and sexual abuse of foster daughter

A FOSTER father, who betrayed the trust of the child who called him ‘Dad’, by repeatedly sexually assaulting her over a long period, has been jailed for two months.

The offender, who has fostered at least 70 vulnerable children in the Geelong area, pleaded guilty in Geelong Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday to 15 counts of committing an indecent act on a child under 16.

The maximum sentence for each count of indecent assault on a child under 16 is 10 years jail however in this case the offender will get to serve just four days per charge.

Twisted view of life and justice

Yet, as Patrick Lion reported in The Daily Telegraph yesterday this is the excuse a Victorian magistrate has accepted as a “mitigating factor” in the case of an Afghan man charged with the attempted kidnap of a four-year-old girl. Ali Jaffari, 35, had already been convicted last year of sexually molesting two boys, aged 12 and 13, at a Geelong beach. Despite the fact he showed no remorse and the prosecution wanted him jailed, Magistrate Ann McGarvie let him off with a two-year community corrections order, saying he had a low risk of reoffending.

Jaffari was back in Geelong Magistrate’s Court after he allegedly snatched a four-year-old girl at a cricket oval in Geelong last year while her father and brother were distracted. But in February Magistrate Ron Saines threw out the child stealing charge and cited “cultural differences”. In what culture is there any different view to ours, that preying on children is unacceptable? Child sexual abuse in Afghanistan might be “endemic”, as a US State department report puts it. But that doesn’t mean it is culturally acceptable, especially not to parents and children.

Model gay adoptive ‘fathers’ sexually abused 6-year-old for years: offered him to pedophile ring

Pervert gay couple paedophiles looking to adopt second child victim for paedophile ringSYDNEY, July 3, 2013 ( - Police in Australia have described as "depraved" the case of a six-year-old boy who was sexually abused by his adoptive homosexual "fathers" and other men who were part of an international child-porn syndicate known as the Boy Lovers network. 

Authorities in Australia and the US worked together to arrest and charge the men after it emerged that the boy had been offered to men in Australia, the US, France and Germany for sexual exploitation and the production of child pornography from a very young age. 

Judge cuts pedophile’s prison term claiming 3 year old ‘asked’ to be raped

judge-cuts-pedophile-sentence-678x381.jpgCalifornia judge has caused outrage after slashing 15 years off the prison sentence of a pedophile convicted of raping a 3-year-old child.

Orange County Superior Court Judge M. Marc Kelly cut the child rapist’s prison term down to ten years from 25 years claiming that “he didn’t mean to harm” the 3-year-old girl that he raped.

He also backed the claim from child rapist Kevin Rojano that the young girl initiated the act of sodomy. Rojano said in his own defense that “she asked me to do it.“

Dozens of paedophiles, rapists and violent sex offenders will be allowed to work with CHILDREN after winning appeals

  •  Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal overturned over 12 bans in five years
  • Successful appeals have been made by paedophiles, rapists and sex offenders
  • The court decisions have been slammed by victims and child protection groups 

More than a dozen paedophiles, rapists and violent sex offenders have won the right to work with children through a series of court challenges.

Successful appeals at the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) have resulted in over 12 working with children bans being overturned in just five years. 

Police officer caught with child sex abuse images walks free from court

PC Darren Wright, who was fired in October, suffered mental health problems after battling leukaemia.  Merseyside police officer caught with a stash of 1,500 indecent images of children today walked free from court. PC Darren Wright , who was sacked in October, admitted downloading, possessing and sharing pictures of child sex abuse.

Paedophile's 'snuff' sex plot revealed

A NOTORIOUS paedophile who allegedly planned to set up a "snuff camp" on his release from jail was freed on a legal technicality that left him unsupervised in the community for almost six months.

The notorious sex offender, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was released from jail after his sentence expired in its entirety on April 23 last year.

He only reappeared on the prison radar after being re-arrested in October for a raft of fraud offences in the Wollongong area of NSW.

Six months before his release, prison intelligence uncovered a set of letters being sent by the inmate to another paedophile, a former scoutmaster, located in a separate wing of Goulburn jail.

The pair had planned to set up a "snuff camp" in country NSW upon their release.

The letters outlined the names, ages and addresses of the child victims they intended to abduct - all were living around the Mudgee and Rylestone areas of NSW.

The two men had secured funding to buy a secluded, rural property to film the videos, and vehicles to assist with transport.

They discussed procedures they would undertake if police ever cottoned on to their plans.

Prior to his release, prison authorities flagged the inmate as being a danger to the public, and applied to keep him behind bars under a Continuing Detention Order (CDO).

More than 100 police under suspicion in paedophilia crackdown

A list of more than 2,400 Britons who the FBI believes have subscribed to paedophile websites contains the names of more than 100 police officers, including a detective chief superintendent, it was revealed last night.

But in what was developing into a major scandal, it was also disclosed that it could take under-funded British police up to five years to work their way through the list and bring the culprits to justice.

The list - which contained the names of the two Cambridgeshire police officers who worked on the Jessica Chapman and Holly Wells murder inquiry and who have since been charged with child pornography offences - was supplied to Britain's National Crime Squad after three people suspected of involvement in paedophile websites were arrested in Texas.