WA Government confirms 50 victims of child sex abuse in Pilbara, fewer than previously reported

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The State Government has attempted to quietly correct the record about the extent of child sexual abuse in the Pilbara, lowering a widely reported figure.

Stephen Dawson MLC, speaking on behalf of the Police Minister, said in Parliament last week there were 50 victims involved in current child sex abuse cases — a stark comparison to the figure of 184 that had been used previously.

Adam Schiff Associate Arrested By LAPD On Pedophilia Charges

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Rep. Adam Schiff and Dr. Hensel have been closely linked for years, with the LA Times describing the doctor as a “special guest” at Schiff’s 50th birthday party in 2010. Schiff also handpicked Dr. Hensel to work with him on health care townhalls in California and has been the recipient of big dollar donations from the 71-year-old throughout his political career.

Who is the former Australian Prime Minister and judges who are paedophiles?

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Senator Bill Heffernan claimed in Parliament on Tuesday (19/10/15) that he has a police list of 28 prominent people that includes a former Prime Minister and current judges that are suspected of being paedophiles. This is dynamite and an issue that will not go away until it is dealt with in full in an open and public manner.

There is enough detail in Senator Heffernan’s allegations to make them very credible. Some of the details are:

  1. The list “formed part of police documents that had been “signed off” by Gary Crooke, QC, the former senior counsel assisting NSW’s Wood royal commission into police corruption in the 1990s. Mr Crooke declined to comment when contacted by Fairfax Media on Tuesday.”
  2. The list includes a former Australian Prime Minister, judges, members of the legal fraternity and others.
  3. “Every Commonwealth attorney-general since Philip Ruddock had seen the list”. This seems to have been confirmed by Philip Ruddock and Former Labor Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus.
  4. Senator Heffernan “accused former royal commissioner Justice James Roland Wood of refusing to investigate lawyers who had allegedly attended a Kings Cross “boy brothel”. (Click here to read more)
  5. The name of the club was Costellos and was a known “boy brothel” attended by members of the Sydney legal fraternity. (Click here to read more)
  6. Former Royal Commissioner Wood denied the allegations by Senator Heffernan, but not outright. “Mr Wood could not recall if the alleged list had been raised at the 1995 commission but said: “I reject that we failed to investigate anyone that fell within our terms of reference.” That is a very weak denial by Mr Wood and allows him plenty of wriggle room to change his story later down the track if needed.

Victorian police in pedophile rings: victims

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A highly-organised paedophile ring involving Victorian police and former politicians had been operating in the state since the 1970s, anti-child abuse groups claimed today.

Dr Reina Michaelson of The Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Program (CSAPP) and Bravehearts founder Hetty Johnston today said they had been told by child sex abuse victims that former Victorian elected politicians and police members were involved in child pornography and prostitution.

Dr Michaelson said she was working with child sex abuse victims who said they had witnessed significant police corruption and protection of paedophilia rings.

"I'm working with victims whose experience included police presence, police actually involved in the sexual offences that were committed against them," Dr Michaelson said.

Dozens of paedophiles, rapists and violent sex offenders will be allowed to work with CHILDREN after winning appeals

  • Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal overturned over 12 bans in five years
  • Successful appeals have been made by paedophiles, rapists and sex offenders
  • The court decisions have been slammed by victims and child protection groups 

More than a dozen paedophiles, rapists and violent sex offenders have won the right to work with children through a series of court challenges.

Successful appeals at the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) have resulted in over 12 working with children bans being overturned in just five years.  Those who have won their appeals include a man who was caught by police with a half-naked boy in his car.

A 31-year-old man fondled his partner's teenage daughter after taking her camping, and a another man, 22, raped a 13-year-old girl, ABC News reported. 

A different offender raped a woman after a buck's party, while another was caught masturbating in public toilets and train stations in front of women and children.

Ex-Florida cop accuses FBI of covering up Prince Andrew’s role in Jeffrey Epstein scandal

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who claims to have incriminating evidence of Prince Andrew is accusing the FBI of covering up the royal’s role in the Jeffrey Epstein sex scandal, according to a report Wednesday.

John Mark Dougan worked as a Palm Beach County sheriff’s deputy in 2005, the year the department launched an investigation into the pedophile financier, who died in a jailhouse suicide in August.

Australia’s paedophile epidemic being covered-up by judges

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Australia has an epidemic of paedophiles and as a country we need to face up to it and deal with it. The courts are a key area that the paedophiles are getting support and protection from and I will give multiple recent examples in this article as finding the examples is not hard as there are many of them.

This website is meant to focus on judicial corruption and it is impossible to ignore the links between the judiciary and paedophiles. In recent times we even had Judge Garry Neilson use the sanctity of the court to defend paedophiles which only another paedophile would do. While Judge Garry Neilson was meant to be suspended from hearing sex abuse cases he is still a judge. (Click here to read more)

Paedophile Judge Garry Neilson

Make no mistake the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse was only the tip of the Iceberg. Over the next year or so it will be a huge issue as the government deals with the recommendations of the Royal Commission and as more people have become empowered by the Royal Commission to raise issues that have long been hidden or covered up. Social media has also had a huge hand in empowering people to raise complaints.

A look back at the paedophilia scandals that swallowed Britain whole in 2014

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Rotherham between 1997 and 2013), politicians (the evidence of a pedophile ring operating within the corridors of Westminster during the 1980s is now incontrovertible after London´s Metropolitan Police described allegationsfrom an anonymous survivor as "credible and true" this month), and even employees of the Royal Family (British tabloid the Sunday People recently revealed that the House of Windsor was also implicated in abuses centered around accusations from a 16-year-old boy).

The town of Rochdale lies at the center of two of these recent child sex scandals. In 2012, nine Pakistani men were convicted of running a "grooming" operation that targeted young girls there, and it was also home of the late Liberal Member of Parliament (MP) Cyril Smith, a 400-pound giant of a man who reportedly terrorized the local Knowl View Residential School.

Though Smith's penchant for the abuse and rape of young boys had been gossiped about for decades (at least two regional newspaper editors had D notices slapped on them, meaning that no story could be published about Smith's behavior), the politician wasn't publicly accused of child abuse until 2012, when the police admitted that they should have pursued charges against him. Simon Danczuk, the current Labour MP for Rochdale, is responsible for exposing Smith in Parliament, and has since co-written a book detailing his predecessor's alleged misdeeds.

Hunting Warhead

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In 2016, a Norwegian journalist and an ethical hacker went looking for the operator of the world's biggest child abuse site. The truth was more twisted than they even imagined.

Oslo-based journalist Håkon Høydal and computer expert Einar Stangvik spent a year on an exposé about Norwegians who visited child pornography web sites. The story, published in 2015, was a blockbuster.

But their next big project was an even more twisted tale — and it led them to stumble upon the operator of the world’s largest child abuse site.

Juvenile Judge Dan Brooks in Sedgwick County protects paedophiles and forces children to live with their named sex offender

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I have a few names for your hall of shame page, lets start with Juvenile Judge Dan Brooks in Sedgwick County, this Judge should be removed, he placed a child with the alleged abuser, he didn’t even blink an eye when evidence of possible abuse was presented, he didn’t care if the system had violated the rights of this child, this child was a victim and a witness of sexual abuse and his rights were violated ...

Malcolm Turnbull urged to investigation former prime minister paedophile claims by sex abuse survivors

MALCOLM Turnbull is under pressure from child sex abuse survivors to take seriously Senator’s claim a former prime minister is a suspected paedophile.

PM Malcolm Turnbull is under pressure to take claims a former PM is a paedophile seriously. Source:News Corp Australia

PRIME Minister Malcolm Turnbull is under pressure to launch an investigation into elite paedophile rings in Australia, after allegations surfaced of a former prime minister on a police list of suspected paedophiles.

Child sex abuse survivors advocates have backed calls from Liberal Senator Bill Heffernan to expand the royal commission into child sex abuse.

The calls for an urgent inquiry follow the Senator’s sensational claim yesterday that he has a police list which names 28 prominent people, including a former PM, as suspected paedophiles.

Perth paedophile jailed for 21 years over group rape of six-year-old girl

Abusers job or title:: Mother and stepfather
Type of protection : Granting release

A Perth man who was involved in the group rape of a six-year-old girl has been sentenced to 21 years jail.

The man was sentenced to 21 years in jail.

The man was sentenced to 21 years in jail.

District Court judge Bruce Goetze on Friday described the offending as depraved and the worst of its kind before handing down one of the longest prison sentences for a paedophile offence in WA history.

Tracy Coulter, 51, sexually assaulted the child on four occasions between 2012 and 2014 along with the girl's mother and step-father after meeting the couple at a "swingers gathering".

Abuser Name or Alias:: Tracy Coulter, 51 (M) and stepfather
Type of Abuse:: Sexual
Matter Resolved?: No