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Drug addicts and prostitutes: Dr Helmut Kentler,  a sex researcher, believed he was giving Berlin’s troubled teens a social anchor while giving paedophiles a chance to become  caring foster parents. Illustration: DFP/MCT via GettyUnder the ‘Kentler Experiment’ of the 1970s, Berlin welfare authorities handed over homeless teenagers to known paedophiles

A mother and her young son board a train and sit opposite a forty-something man.  When they get up to disembark the mans smile towards the blond boy takes on a troubled edge. “Do you love children a little more than you like?” asks the advertisement on TV screens on Berlin’s U-Bahn trains. The final message – “Don’t become a perpetrator” – is also the name of a groundbreaking paedophile research and therapy programme.

The campaign began in Berlin 11 years ago and now operates in 10 cities across Germany. About 7,000 people have made contact, and about 1,000 paedophiles – people who are sexually attracted to children – have received therapy.

Desmond Gore, 73, abused the girl for two years at his Armadale home in Perth before it came to light he had sexually exploited at least six children, five of whom were under his care. 

                            8-year-old girl sexually abused by 73-year-old foster carer wrote heartbreaking note about repeated abuse
An eight-year-old girl wrote a disturbing note saying she was sad when she had "'sex with her granddad", referring to her foster carer who raped her repeatedly.

73-year-old Desmond Gore was slapped with 20 charges of sexual abuse—including the rape of three eight-year-old girls—after he pleaded guilty to the abuse at Perth District Court on Tuesday, Daily Mail reports.