Australia’s global corruption ranking sparks urgent calls for federal integrity body

Australia fails to improve on its worst ranking on Transparency International’s corruption perception index

Australia has failed to improve on its record low ranking in a global measure of government corruption, prompting renewed calls for a powerful federal integrity commission to be established “without delay and political wrangling”.

The most widely recognised measure of public-sector corruption, Transparency International’s corruption perception index(CPI), was released on Tuesday afternoon, ranking Australia 13th least corrupt in the world.

Australia's politicians get a pay rise and a tax cut on the same ripping day

Politicians' pay goes up... Sunday retail and hospo workers pay cut.

On the same day that tens of thousands of Sunday workers will have their penalty rates cut, federal politicians will receive both a pay rise and tax cut.

That happens to be the same day that the 2% deficit levy on people earning over $180,000 will expire, AND that penalty rates for Sunday hospitality workers will be cut.

Take, for example, the prime minister Malcolm Turnbull who is in for a more than $10,000 per year pay rise, with his base salary up to $527,000 a year.

The Real Problem with our Parliament is the corruption of the Lower House not the Senate

There is a lot of rubbish being spun in the media around the new Senate reforms.  In short the reforms are a reaction by the more established players (Lib/Nats., Labor, Greens and Xenophon), to the success of the micro parties in the Senate. Off course all these players stand to benefit from this change at the expense of the micro parties. The large parties stand to gain by limiting the number of players they have to deal with in the Senate when in Government. The small players (Greens and Xenophon) benefit from becoming the sole voices controlling the balance of power in the Senate. After initially supporting the changes, Labor is reversing its bi-partisan stand to play politics in an election year and create an opportunity to differentiate itself from the Liberals and Greens.

Majority of federal MPs refuse to sign up to Tony Fitzgerald's ethical standards