Judicial, Police and Mental Health Corruption

Ian Kay, who blew the whistle on judicial and police corruption here in Victoria has recently been improperly incarcerated in MAP Prison, Melbourne for doing nothing more than writing a letter of complaint to his local MP. 

It seems he is one of the first victims of the Australian Government's so-called tough line on terrorists , which in reality is a poorly made smokescreen for stifling dissent and disclosure of malpractice in the government bureaucracy.

In order to have Kay silenced for once and for all, the government intends having him "certified" and sent to a Psychiatric Prison in the Melbourne suburb of Fairfield where he will be forcibly restrained by several men Thugs?) and then be injected against his will with severe mind-altering drugs.

The result and intent will be to literally fry Kay's brain thereby neutering him for ever and making sure that he will not make any future disclosures of corruption here in Australia. Kay is in prison now in Melbourne and due to be tortured within days. This case is the most recent of several similar abuses in the Australian State of Victoria.

Recently another whistleblower Bob Kerr, was subjected to similar psychiatric abuses here in Melbourne where his brain was literally fried after he was imprisoned for blowing the whistle on Police corruption in the Latrobe Valley. Similar attempts to use psychiatric means to silence whistleblowers Alan Brygel and Mick Skrijel both in Victoria) failed.

A spokesperson for Justice Action Mr Gregory Kable said, "In New South Wales it is my understanding both medical professionals and the police openly lie in court and in the area of their practice. I have first hand knowledge because I have seen it." "How it is done is simple they are told to lie by people in high places or given the wrong information and allot of the time because of noble cause corruption or political interference to win votes or protect people in high places. "

"In my case a senior police person described me to a health professional as a lunatic when I went to see my local member on more than one occasion to complain about police corruption that was ongoing. She believed the senior police 'wouldn't you'?"

"My local member took out an AVO against me?" "Why? Because I placed a poster on her office in Paddington because police continued to harass me for making a complaint subsequently I was given enough drugs that would put down an elephant from a mental health worker and lost my liberty for three days until a magistrate released me because I had caused no damage and had committed no crime."

Please report and disseminate this information as widely as possible. Such human rights abuses are common here in Australia, even though the governments here pretend otherwise. Further information on the Ian Kay matter can be found by phoning the Whistleblowers Australia, Vic Branch Ian Kay and Justice Action 28 April 03

Whistleblowers Australia


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