"Sydney Police Beat Up and Taser Weaponless Sixteen Year Old Girl"

SSupport Police Beat Yourself UP 5cb11ydney Police, attending a party recently, let loose on a sixteen year old girl, after she tried to lend assistance to a friend whom they were already beating on.  The young man, whom had provoked police, and (obviously) deserving his beating, was noticed by his young female friend, when she went over to help.  She yelled at the police officers to "get off him", to which she was (almost) immediately hit with the taser.

After the taser incident, and between being released from custody, the young girl had bruising to her face, cuts to her legs and bruising to her knees.

Police are denying assaulting the young girl, and even though there are more than twenty witnesses  and photographic, are denying the tasering too.

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