Nursing home staff allegedly filmed themselves harassing a 91-year-old woman

Abusers job or title:: Nursing Assistants

Family sues over video of nursing home workers taunting 91-year-old.

A 91-year-old woman with dementia was filmed trying to swat away nursing home staff teasing her with a gown.

Corruption exposed in the Orange County public guardian's office

In Orange County, a corrupt public guardian is stealing assets from the elderly and firing officials who dare to ask questions.

Todd Spitzer, a deputy district attorney who is respected by members of both parties, was alerted to possible misconduct in the Orange County Public Guardian's office last week. He asked a few questions and lost his job. Why?

The Public Guardian John Williams is making $138,000 as a base salary for supposedly looking after the assets of elderly or deceased citizens. Articles written in a variety of papers and journals detail that Williams has been mismanaging assets and looting the property of retirees in this County, which went bankrupt some time back.