British government fights homeless people, not homelessness

Homeless people protest in Westminster, London, England – homeless man Gyula Remes was found dead in the Westminster underpass in December 2018 – the Office for National Statistics say that 2,627 homeless people have died within a five year periodParliament to forcibly evict Westminster rough sleepers.

HOMELESS people are to be forcibly evicted from the Westminister underpass, which leads to Parliament, by installing rolldown shutters blocking the shelter off.

In December 2018, rough sleeper Gyula Remes was found dead in the underpass.

The underpass is part of the Parliamentary estate. Parliament announced over the weekend that it will install the shutters to keep the homeless out.

Australian government afford single mothers and babies no human rights

2011 REPOST:  This letter we submitted on behalf of a client being denied her basic human rights by our own government.

After reading this, we are sure you will find that there is absolutely no "best interest" of the child anywhere.  Those words mean absolutely nothing, they mean as much as our purported "human rights" do, which is absolutely jack shit.  Please Note: We are still awaiting reply from Ms Goward from Community Services.  If you think that you have ANY HUMAN RIGHTS available to you these days, think again.  We are worse than any third world country, because at least those countries dont claim to have human rights.  Shame on all our lazy government workers who think it's okay to sit by and watch decent human beings be tortured by our own government.

Attn :  Human Rights Commission;
CC:     Legal Aid Appeals;
          Minister for Community Services.

Good Morning,


We hereby apply for immediate reinstatement of legal aid under section 56 of the legal aid commission act, and seek to minimise human rights violations to this mother and her newborn baby.

Whereby Article 14 of the covenant of civil and political rights states "all persons to be equal before the courts", and that "(d) they have the right to be tried in his presence, and to defend himself in person or through legal assistance of his own choosing; to be informed, if he does not have legal assistance, of this right; and to have legal assistance assigned to him, in any case where the interests of justice so require, and without payment by him in any such case if he does not have sufficient means to pay for it;"

Hooded, handcuffed and violated: Cops force catheterize three year old boy, and man for drug urinalysis

Pierre, SD — In all the years the Free Thought Project has been reporting on police misconduct and government corruption, we’ve seen some vile, horrific, and nightmarish acts committed by those sworn to protect. However, a recent case getting exposed by the ACLU of South Dakota may be one of the most insanely cruel and horrifying acts committed by police in the name of the drug war — and they’re doing it to children too.

Forced catheterization. 

David ‘Avocado’ Wolfe: Calls to stop anti-vaxxer and flat earther giving Sydney talk

David Wolfe: Flat Earther brings anti-vax message to Australia.

* Nurses, midwives warned not to share anti-vaccination messages.

* THE NSW opposition is calling on the state government to intervene to stop a talk being given by noted anti-vaccination proponent David “Avocado” Wolfe in Sydney.

Opposition health spokesman Walt Secord wants the state to attempt to prevent the International Convention Centre from allowing Mr Wolfe to speak on March 3.

'Named persons' role to start before childbirth

'Parents will become helpless spectators in the lives of their children'.

THE welfare of unborn children will come under scrutiny as part of the Scottish Government’s proposals for a named person for every child in the country. Guidance on the implementation of the legislation, which was published last week, states that the named person could be involved with families and setting up “planning and support” during the last trimester of pregnancy.

The legislation, which is due to come into effect in 2016, covers children from the day they are born up until the age of 18. But the guidance suggests that the named person, chosen by the state, would become involved at an earlier stage – a move that is likely to raise fresh concerns about the prospect of state interference in family life.