The Government is trying to control the narrative in regard to the arrests that have occurred as part of Operation Noetic

They are claiming that there is a large child abduction network throughout Australia. Don't allow yourself to be taken in by the narrative that is being provided and reported by mainstream media. They are trying to make out that the two men and their connections who have been arrested, are criminals. They are not. They are heroes, every single one of them.

The catastrophic crisis in the family courts and connected child safety systems has dramatically imploded. It has reached a point where these systems themselves are charging and jailing advocates and professionals who are desperately trying to protect children, after their parents find that legal remedies have hit brick walls where the abuse of their children is often disregarded through inadequate investigations and misconduct.

Being an advocate myself I have heard first hand from parents the immense trauma the courts are inflicting on children and families. It is now so bad I consider that it to be purposeful. We do not have any justice in Australia. We have a legal system that processes cases in the favour of the state. There is little oversight to the criminal conduct occurring in these courts by court staff. Anyone who speaks out is quickly shut down.

Let's be quite clear here. The children who were allegedly abducted were NOT. They were removed from situations where the courts failed to protect the children. This was as a LAST RESORT ONLY. I know this myself because I have spoken to parents whose mind it weighed heavily on as to whether they should run to keep a child safe, or allow the child to go to the perpetrator knowing full well the abuse that would take place while the child is in that person's custody. This is court sanctioned child abuse and this is rampant in the Family and Children's Courts of Australia. This is what the network was allegedly protecting children against.

I have been privy to a number of these cases, however I would stress that I am not part of this alleged network. There is substantial evidence in these cases as to the abuse that is being perpetrated upon children. I won't go into the detail as it is quite horrific. It's difficult to read, and listen to the disclosures made by these children. To ignore this evidence at trial shows a complete incompetence and disregard by the judiciary. The system is broken. In fact it's worse than broken, it's completely shattered and is no longer working at all except for those who profit financially from it.

Yesterday, I spoke with several people who know Patrick O'Dea and Dr Pridgeon. Everyone I spoke to said they are two of the nicest, most genuine men you could ever hope to know, with one person stating "he was like a father to me". What has Australia come to when good men need to keep others safe because the government won't?

The Australian Federal Police in this operation can be likened to the SS in Hitler's Germany. They have been tasked with eliminating dissent, particularly in regard to calling for a Royal Commission into the Family Law System. Yesterday's events show that they are trying to keep a lid on it. We need to continue calling for it and loudly. Only a Royal Commission can protect our children at this point because the system is so broken.

And finally, please throw your support behind these men and the connections in their alleged network. They are good, honourable and genuine people who have tried to make a difference in this stinking system. Don't believe the rhetoric that the mainstream media is trying to get you to believe. Don't let them control the narrative because it is very biased.

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