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The Children - Part Four 3859
The Children - Part Three 3887
Australian Federal Police in the business of protecting paedophiles and failure of public servant to administer duties 3894
The Children - Part One 3900
AFP dead wrong! Statistics prove jilted mothers are not lying and caselaw proves family courts protect paedophiles 4023
Family of missing Townsville twins' mother hopes they're not found 4555
Dispelling the myth of gender bias in the family court system 4784
AFP linked to family court paedophilia, as concerns amongst the community grow. 7138
Grafton GP in custody 7142
Kidnapping ring which 'helped jilted mothers abduct their children' exposed 7142
A search warrant in Dubbo was part of the two-year AFP investigation 7238
WA link in alleged child stealing syndicate uncovered by Australian Federal Police 7270
Inside the "child-stealing syndicate": Three men including a vigilante paedophile hunter accused of hiding mothers and kids in $140,000 yacht to secretly ship overseas are arrested 7401
Three women charged for assisting two mothers to abduct their children 7438
Four charged with helping parents abduct their own children 7581
AFP bust alleged child-stealing ring in NSW, Queensland and WA 7650
Kidnap ring plans to take kids to New Zealand: AFP 7682
NSW kidnapping accused released on bail 7834
Newcastle woman one of three charged in child abduction case 7851
Children hidden and their identities changed by parent abduction ring 7964
Police swoop on criminal syndicate which ‘helped steal children, mothers after custody disputes’ 7999
Three women, aged between 75 to 46, accused of helping mothers in the middle of bitter custody battles abduct their own children are charged 8009