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Three women charged for assisting two mothers to abduct their children 7437
Four charged with helping parents abduct their own children 7581
AFP bust alleged child-stealing ring in NSW, Queensland and WA 7649
Kidnap ring plans to take kids to New Zealand: AFP 7682
NSW kidnapping accused released on bail 7834
Newcastle woman one of three charged in child abduction case 7849
Children hidden and their identities changed by parent abduction ring 7964
Police swoop on criminal syndicate which ‘helped steal children, mothers after custody disputes’ 7999
Three women, aged between 75 to 46, accused of helping mothers in the middle of bitter custody battles abduct their own children are charged 8009
Four charged with helping parents abduct their own children – The Guardian 8055
More charges laid over group helping parental abductions of children 8133
Police bust child-stealing group operating across Australia, 4 charged 8251
The Family Court of Australia literally trafficks children for abuse by the thousand. 8523
Criminal lawyers will tell you, in unguarded moments, that in practical terms, incestuous child sexual abuse is no longer a crime. 9194
Senate changes needed 9512
The real criminal syndicate kidnapping children for paedophiles in family court 10586
Hearing for Heroes who helped hide mother and children from paedophiles 10641
More on the Criminal Syndicate of Child Protectors 10947
Paedophile protection in Australia is as good as it Getts. 10957
To think Australia has come to this: Official Kidnapping 11552
Australian federal police boss Andrew Colvin stands down from job 11578
Child Stealing operation busted across Australia, 4 charged, police expect more 12016