Paedophile access and custody to victim-children is not a myth concocted by [jilted] mothers

Paedophile Contact with Victim-Children in the Family Court of Australia is a very real and serious issue, and there’s a few case references to get you started at the bottom of this message.

Paedophiles access and custody to victim- children IS NOT A MYTH concocted by “Jilted Mothers” to “get even” with the fathers.

YES. Paedophile rights trump children’s rights.

The recent arrests by the Australian Federal Police surrounding the “Criminal Syndicate of Child Abductors” known as Operation Neoctic, as reported by mainstream media is nothing more than a state sanctioned witch-hunt to protect the paedophile-sympathiser judges in the Family Court of Australia.

The men they arrested were helping protective parents hide their children from the paedophile parent after the children had disclosed being abused by them. * In some case there were 40 disclosures to various professionals- whilst the mother did not have custody - and was not capable of coaching the children.

Patrick Finbar McGarry O'Dea and Dr Russell Pridgeon are my friends and they shown bravery and courage in what they have done to help take children out of harms way when nobody else would.

Queensland Police Service have obstructed justice, concealed evidence and supported paedophile instead of protecting the innocent - our children. This is nothing new however, but is a huge slap in the face given the Australian Goverments current apologies for decades of abuse to children that was covered up and ignored until recently.

A quick few JUDGEMENTS showing paedophiles get contact and custody because it’s the judges decision.

Still believe this is about “jilted mothers” and the Australian Federal Police Operation Neoctic arresting a “criminal syndicate of child stealers” including a prominent GP and not heroes doing the job that family courts won’t? No prob. There’s more to come.

For once, the government needs to do THE RIGHT THING. WITHDRAW THESE CHARGES IMMEDIATELY! Paedophiles in the system have had a good run. Now it’s time to stop protecting them and start protecting children and protective parents.

Please help the people that were actually helping these child-victims, they're heroes - not a criminal syndicate - doing what the family courts refuse to - protect children from child sex abuse.



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