“No one at Social Services takes kids away without good reason.” - Lia King

In response: 

Across the globe, individuals have been historically - and continue to be - harmed by Government interference.  The cases described below are but a few examples.

Several of the persons/families involved I have come to know personally; their stories have touched my heart. I refuse to be silent.:

Eugenic targeting of groups is rampant.   Numerous benign conditions may contribute to involvement with Authorities including false allegations, misdiagnosis, poverty - through circumstances beyond control - such as loss of employment, marital breakdown or death and extraordinary medical needs.  Ethnicity, gender, age, marital status, parental/child disability/medical diversity are common denominators.

One must be an ostrich with head buried in the sand to be unaware of issues since information can readily be accessed within mainstream media.


1/ Misdiagnosises of Child Abuse:

Motherisk: https://www.cbc.ca/fifth/m/blog/motherisk-hair-testing-scandal-timeline

Innocent mothers and fathers falsely accused of drug abuse due to faulty tests.  Children apprehended and adopted out; permanently alienated.

“Those accused falsely of inflicting abusive head trauma or other related child abuses with criminal charges.”


2/ Targeting of single parents:

A loving father of 3 children targeted following an innocent elopement of one child on the Autism spectrum. http://freedomforayn.blogspot.com/?m=1

3/ Children murdered in foster custody. Fatal Care Series: http://www.edmontonjournal.com/news/children-in-care/index.html

In one Canadian Province alone, 685 child fatalities were hidden by the Government until investigative journalists delved into records.

4/ Publication Bans imposed on victims to silence truth:


Families of children murdered by assigned caregivers threatened with prison and hefty fines for the “crime” of honouring their loved one by name!

“I believe it is a basic right of each and every one of us to express grief publicly. This decision is not one for the government to make; it is one for those closest to the child to make," said Bhullar in a statement.


5/ Harvesting of children’s organs: https://aptnnews.ca/2015/05/05/grand-chief-horrified-alberta-quietly-allows-organ-harvesting-children-die-provincial-care/

Written directly into Child Welfare Policy, children who die in care of the System may have their remains harvested and cremated without family input.

See the case of young Jefferson Curran:


6/ Coroners resigning under allegations of political, and bureaucratic interference:


“Dr. Anny Sauvageau has raised concerns interference by provincial government representatives may affect the public's trust in the integrity of the death-investigation system, specifically in relation to deaths of children in provincial care, prison inmates and those killed by police officers.”

7/ Victims and survivors of Residential Schools:


8/ Sterilization of persons deemed “unfit” due to language barriers and standardized testing of mental capacity:


9/ Parents with disability unfairly subjected to unwarranted scrutiny:

A caseworker inquired whether she ought to wear a mask to avoid “catching Cerebral Palsy”.  Her ignorance towards medical status further perpetuated; asking if the baby would “develop” the condition!

These are the caliber of persons assigned to life-altering decisions imposed on vulnerable families.


10/ Children with disabilities separated from loving families and institutionalized in foster custody:

Samantha’s Law; my child’s legacy: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=G9nlSwiPfwc

I take issue with persons who minimize harm that has plagued solid, loving families!

While excellent alternative caregivers and social-workers exist; as well, genuine need in certain circumstances, the System is a Business which frequently profits off of misfortune.

Lack equal application of law amongst System employees prevents discontinuation of repeated negligence.  Until immunity from accountability changes, children will continue to suffer consequences of Systematic betrayal.

Those who choose to protect the Industry rather than innocence are imho as evil as those who are physically abusive or negligent.


Velvet Martin

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