Here is the story from a docs Hitman who couldn't handle anymore and refused to take any more of their work as a psychiatrist...

Image result for mean social workerTo begin, I just want you to know your words touched my heart. Secondly, my account is a pseudonym (my reason for stating this will become clear as I progress). I work as a psychologist in private practice and had the displeasure of engaging contractually with DOCS over a number years.

In that time I witnessed some of the most unethical and ill informed decision making of my entire career, inclusive of personal vendettas acted out against “difficult” parents. A few years back I refused to take on any more of their clients due to my reports being taken out of context via being cut and paste into departmental documents produced by case workers looking to make square pegs fit into round holes so as to justify their pitiful ass covering decisions and tactics.

In one instance I had a client attend my office holding an email I had sent a case officer with some concerns—he was a sex offender, they had included the email in an affidavit for court without my permission! In another instance a little girl “in care” came to see me under the guise of some issue she had concocted so as she could talk to me about her foster carers. They were beating her regularly and the environment, as is the case in almost ALL instances I witnessed, was worse then the family dynamic from which she was removed.

Even after reporting this DOCS failed to act; the worker stated: “We’ve got nowhere else to place her”. I actually talked to my wife about taking that little girl into our care but it wasn’t doable at the time and I was absolutely fucked if I was going to be on DOCS radar. I could offer untold stories of a similar nature but I think you get the picture. Even to this day I refuse DOCS work and I always tell them why. I even refuse to release my notes for their court proceedings because I cannot stand their incompetence and lies—often little girls with no children straight out of uni or burnt out bleeding hearts who believe the delusion they are “helping”.

They actually make me sick and I have often wondered how a person could wake up everyday and perform duties that simply destroy families and children. In terms of the latter, I only ever saw ONE child get out of DOCS “alive”.

The rest are either dead, in prison, or on their way to death or prison.

People often talk about the stolen generation in this country, but I can tell you, it’s still happening regardless of race.

DOCS have power beyond police but most people aren’t aware of this; they only have to state a risk exists and they can take your kids until you prove otherwise in court.

It’s a fucking disgrace of a system and a testament to the idiocy and apathy of the hypocrites, liars, and manipulators we elect as representatives to that shit pit called parliament.

I’m so, so sorry for your loss, Michael.

I hope little Lukey has found some peace and I hope somehow you do too.

God bless.

Take care.

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