What about us? What about the children in care?

What about the children that were ripped and torn away from their family? Why are we getting pushed into the darkness? Why? Why? Why?

Are there any ANSWERS? NO! there are no answers for us kids and I will not stand down anymore.

I have been in care for 11 years now and I have had the worst bringing up then I would have had living with my parents ….. I have been pushed around, pushed to the back, put down and I have my rights thrown out the window I’m here to tell everyone that this needs to stop it needs justice!!!!

With the residential and foster care systems, these are a couple of the rights kids in care have:

  • Kids have the right to feel safe and be safe. (Remember what happened to that little angel in foster care.  Sit and think for one second if you have to, did she have her rights torn and ripped up?).  Why haven’t FACS said anything.
  • Kids have the right to be healthy and go to the doctor dentist and all other facilities (this should be if you are living in a FACS placement or not if you are under the age of 18).
  • Kids should be allowed to be a child and treated with respect.  With my own experience this right - way full of bull - I had to grow up from the age of 12.  I never got the child experience. Some workers don’t know what RESPECT is workers these days, they get a certificate in social welfare and they're known as a perfect candidate for working with FACS children.
  • Aboriginal kids have the right to feel proud and strong in their culture (residential children are lucky to even go to NAIDOC week).
  • Kids have the right to have their say and be heard.  Another personal experience - as you can tell just from reading this I am a strong minded person.  I have been turned away, snickered at, ignored and spoken over when I have tried to voice my opinions and have my say.
  • Kids have the right to be given information about themselves.
  • Kids have the right to tell someone if there unhappy. But does that mean they're word is going go to someone that will do something about it? Unlikely.
  • Kids have the right to know information about themselves and to only be shared with people to help look after them.  WHY are so many children feeling depressed, upset, being forgotten and left out then?.
  • Kids have the right to have a worker who is there for them. (Self experience - still to this day I don’t know who is there for me - and I can guarantee many children don’t know who they can talk to either).
  • Kids have the right to keep in contact with their family, friends and close ones (I nearly missed my daughters 2nd birthday cause no one was aware?).
  • FACS job is to notify anyone looking after children in care of important dates.
  • FACS are supposed to think about FACS children before placing them in a home.

There are many more rights children have that are not being kept.  No one seems to be interested in our rights.  I will not rest till someone steps up and does something about us children in care.  Many children would have had a better life if they were still with their parents. 

I’ll be posting and sending more information and protests about this.


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