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Family Court ruling: Violent father given sole custody of child 23418
Dad pleads guilty to manslaughter of toddler son 22340
Domestic violence is the most common killer of women around the world 19170
Most dangerous time for battered women? When they leave. 33779
Denying custody to mom is domestic violence: High Court 19324
Child abuse by omission: How American law holds mothers responsible for their partners' crimes 18250
Coercive Control - Research Practice for Adults 18920
Batterer manipulation and retaliation, denial and complicity in the family courts 21323
New domestic abuse law on controlling behaviour unveiled 18088
Are "good enough" parents losing custody to abusive ex-partners? 22500
Abusers Getting Custody 22483
Speech to Parliament by Pru Goward: Domestic Violence Deaths Review Team Bill 24596
"Domestic Violence" 19128
Domestic Violence Course 64213
Domestic Violence Program a Complete Joke - Like Everything Else DoCS is Involved with! 24675
"Domestic Violence" 19082
"Domestic Violence Cases Require Domestic Violence Experts" 37315
"Is there really help for women victims of domestic violence?" 28376
"When judges ward custody to abusive parents" 22709
The Family Court has a serious attitude problem when it comes to domestic violence 21991
Building Community Capacity in responding to Domestic Violence 19010
"Another family court judgement battering the victim of domestic violence " 19062