In memory of Bill Knightly, murdered by illegal palliative / hospice care - He will not be forgotten

Today is The 35 Month Anniversary of the MEDICAL MURDER of My Husband, Bill Knightly by St. Joseph Hospital in Nashua, NH

Today is The 35 Month Anniversary of the MEDICAL MURDER of My Husband and still no prosecutions by the State of NH or anyone else for that matter.The NH Board of Medicine admitted the DNR put on my Husband was ILLEGAL, but still NO prosecutions. The Murderers still walk free to keep on killing. No-one is held accountable. No repercussions.

Life isn't any easier. In fact, it's harder. Just knowing that my Husband was Murdered by the Hospital we used to trust. The Hospital where our children and grandchildren were born. The only Hospital we trusted. Not anymore.

Maybe life wouldn't be so hard if the Murderers were prosecuted. I'd feel a little better knowing their lives were ruined as they've ruined mine.

Their ZEN lives would be nothing but suck lives. But they don't have to worry about that. NH doesn't prosecute Medical Murderers. It doesn't matter how much proof you have, Medical Murder in NH goes unpunished. Big payoffs I imagine to kill off the sick and elderly. Death panels DO exist! They're called Hospital Ethics Committees. Funny how they didn't remember my Husband's name. Because peoples lives don't matter to them. All that matters is the almighty dollar!

My Husband will NEVER be forgotten. Not by any of the Murderers because I'll make sure of it. I will keep on posting his story until SOMEONE holds the Murderers accountable!

I Love you My Knight and always will! 

Extremely Pissed Off Wife of Bill Knightly, Murdered by NON-consensual Hospice/Palliative care at St. Joseph Hospital in Nashua, NH

Source : http://inmemoryofbillknightly.blogspot.com/2020/03/today-is-35-month-anniversary-of.html?m=1


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