Paddy Costa

NSWTG-EXPOSED NOTES: Paddy Costa battled the Australian ‘Office of Protective Commissioner’ (OPC) for many years.  Her efforts to reform the government system, which handled incapacitated people, was continuously blocked.  She created an organisation called COPPA, which stood for ‘Carers Of Protected Persons Association’, which no longer exists.  Paddy passed away sometime during the early 2000’s.  I have very little information about Paddy Costa.  If you could assist me in gathering a more comprehensive insight, into the work that Paddy accomplished, I believe that I could make very good use of it, through nswtgexposed.com.au

Treated like naughty kids
MP’s will vote soon on whether the NSW Guardianship Board, under attack for “playing God”, should sanction medical experiments on people under its care.

Protect us from the guardian
Until last November Capsis never dreamt that the fight that would get him most fired up would be right in his backyard. That was when responsibility for his ailing, widowed, 82-year-old mother-in-law, Gladys Raffa, was taken away from Capsis and his wife, Gail, and she was placed in the hands of the NSW guardianship authorities.

Witnesses tell shocking tales about Guardian
Horror stories of medical maltreatment of people in the care of the NSW guardianship authorities, including the alleged euthanasia of an elderly woman against the wishes of her family, were recounted to a parliamentary committee yesterday.

The Lucky Country
Nick O’Neil presided because a lady, Paddy Costa, from the Carers Of Protected Persons Association (COPPA) was appearing to support Jack with his case. Paddy must irritate the Guardianship Board a great deal for them to make such changes in the Board controlling the hearing. He obviously thought a ‘lowly’ solicitor would not have the ability to cope with Paddy.

Source : https://nswtgexposed.com.au/paddy-costa/

Abusers Organisation:: Australian Office of the Protective Commissioner
Type of Abuse:: Financial
Matter Resolved?: No

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