Separating kids from parent/s — “The effect is catastrophic” and “A form of child abuse”

What happens to children when they are forcibly separated from their parents? Their bodies go into stress. Their heart rate increases and the body releases stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline. Over time these stress hormones can start killing off dendrites — the little branches in brain cells that transmit mes­sages — causing long-term damage, both psychologically and to the physical structure of the brain.

Separating Immigrant Kids from Parents

As reported in the Washington Post, “The effect is catastrophic,” says pediatrics professor at Harvard Medical School, Charles Nelson. “There’s so much research on this that if people paid attention at all to the science, they would never do this.

But the research on child-parent separation by pediatricians, psychologists and other health experts is not being brought into focus to help US kids — it was to vehemently oppose the Trump administration’s new border crossing policy. That policy has separated more than 2,000 immigrant children from their parents.

The public outrage is against the US government, and not against ‘traffickers’, including so-called child protection departments. The Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, Sr., in a statement entitled “Save the Children, Stop the Disgrace at the Border,” wrote (referring to the border kids):

“What’s happening on the border is an international disgrace and moral outrage. We say… no to breaking up families, no to separating children from their parents…”

12,600 medical professionals signed a petition to end the ‘separation’ policy. It is obvious that separation disrupts the child and is devastating. It breaks fundamental and critical bonds, disturbs a child’s sense of safety and meaning in the world.

So why are these medical professionals not outraged by the child protection department policies?

In a comment in the Washington Post article, Mary Brown refers to the 430,000 kids in foster care across the US as follows:

“American kids are put into foster care every day for reasons of poverty. No one cares or sheds any tears for them. Foster care and adoption have become big business… BILLIONS… So if we are focusing on the trauma of separating children from parents, it’s time we recognized the damage being done by our over use of foster care.”

Note: the number of children in foster care in the US on 30 September 2018 is 437,283.

Child Protection vs Border Protection

What is the difference between taking a child from a mother trying to enter the States, and taking a child from a US or Australian citizen? Nothing really. Kids are being torn unwillingly from protective parents every day in the Western World. (Again, let me emphasize that I am referring to child protection cases where kids are desperate to stay home but have been — I saw unlawfully — removed from a protective parent/s.)

So where is the outrage about these children?

Australian Government Figures Don’t Add Up

According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, in 2017–18 there were 32,000 in this country children in substantiated abuse or neglectcases. Emotional abuse was the most common substantiated abuse type. Nearly 60% (59%) of all abuse in Australia is now attributed to “emotional.” Have we gone mental? How does one substantiate emotional abuse in the first instance? Statistics: Neglect is 17%, physical abuse 15%, and sexual abuse averaging around 9%.

Also, ISPCAN states that 1 in 4 girls or 1 in 5 boys is sexually abused. And we know that there are many cases across Australia where departments have refused to believe the kids — so they remove the kids from the protective parent, AGAINST the wishes of the child.

Yet, scientists and medical professionals agree that separation trauma may have life-long effects.

Yet, scientists and medical professionals agree that separation trauma that could have life-long effects.

In an article entitled, “The mental health impact of separating immigrant children from their parents,” Johns Hopkins expert Paul Spiegel says that for children, being separated from their parents is a trauma that can have ‘very negative effects’. Spiegel commenting on the estimated 2,300 separated children at the US border, Spiegel answered questions in Newsweek, 20 June 2018: 

What do we know about how this kind of separation impacts mental health?

“There are a tremendous amount of data on this, stemming primarily from the Adverse Childhood Experiences, or ACE, study, conducted by the CDC from 1995 to 1998. This study found that traumatic events such as divorce, separation from parents, being put into foster homes or sexual or physical abuse have very negative effects on children. These effects are cumulative…

“When children are forcibly separated from their parents without being given any information and without being able to communicate with their parents, that’s a traumatic event… Prolonged trauma in children can affect the architecture of their brain because it’s not yet fully formed. The toxic stress puts the brain into continuous flight-or-fight mode.”

“On brain architecture… The pathways and mechanisms are complex, involving changes to the responsiveness of neurotransmitters coming out from the brain… Studies have shown that exposure to chronic stress in children can affect the brain.”

What are the visible consequences of these changes?

“For many children, the trauma will exacerbate learning difficulties. Some children may be more prone to substance abuse. Increased depression and post-traumatic stress disorder are also issues. If a child has a genetic predisposition to a mental health condition, an event like this could help bring that out. The ACE study followed children for many years and found an increase in diabetes, cardiovascular disease and even earlier death among children who experienced repeated trauma versus those who did not.

“The number of traumas, the intensity and the length are all important. So reuniting children with their parents quickly could help reduce the consequences later? …The sooner you can stop the separation the better, but the harm has already been done.”

On a solution, Paul Spiegel says,

“By far the best answer is to not do it in the first place.”

Yes Australia — and the Western world — wake up. The removal of children is a terrible thing to do in most circumstances. I can cite many cases where the departments and courts are acting in the worst interests of the child/ren.

The Washington Post article reports that,

“Research on Aboriginal children in Australia who were removed from their families also showed long-lasting effects. They were nearly twice as likely to be arrested or criminally charged as adults, 60 percent more likely to have alcohol-abuse problems and more than twice as likely to struggle with gambling.”

Removal is a Form of Child Abuse

It is truly traumatic for a protective parent when their child or children are removed. I know. I speak to them every day.

But what happens to the child when they are removed — against their will — from a loving protective parent. It has been fairly well documented. Prolonged separation increases in the levels of stress hormones — and this could“disrupt physiological functions and induce inflammation and epigenetic changes – chemical alterations that disrupt the activity of our genes.”

The loss or separation from a parent/s increases the likelihood of various psychiatric disorders, including post-traumatic stress, anxiety, mood, psychotic or substance use disorders. Research shows that it often leads to increased use of drugs or alcohol later in life.

I have personally heard accounts of separated children self-harming (cutting themselves). Various medical problems arise too — such as irritable bowel. I’ve heard kids become fearful, withdrawn, sedentary, and begin to drop from social groups. Children forcibly separated could face lifelong health consequences (healthline). Mental health experts and pediatricians say they also worry about the long-lasting effects of separation.

And as Dr. Colleen Kraft, president of the American Academy of Pediatrics, in an interview on CBS This Morning said,

“It is a form of child abuse.”

  1. I certainly believe that and in my case my kids haven’t even been abused….emotionally physically nothing,they haven’t even seen DV so these statistics are not all correct there is no defense as its all about the mighty dollar from the federal governments,Australia doesn’t want these stats changed as they fail to tell the truth…..they label people so they can gain the funding for those who do need the help…..child protection is a useless entity and needs abolishing and only heard in a criminal court to balance the justice system,….

  2. I recall decades ago two barristers settling everything in the divorce court, as it was known in those days.
    Problem, blew up.
    Who gets the cat.
    Do not know the result after a expensive joust.
    Hilarious at the time.
    Now days it would be resolved… the cat goes to the RSPCA. It is only a cat afterall.

  3. Agenda 2030,

    ‘Restructuring’ the family unit.
    Children raised by the state.
    The idea of biological parents will be a page of the past, because history will be deleted.
    Continual change to create confusion.
    The undermining of schools and teachers authority.
    The teaching of sex and homosexuality to children.
    Huge immigration to destroy national identity.
    Encouraging the breaking down of the family.

    All set up by the new world disorder, which must create sustainable life on the planet and stop climate change.

    As with the fires, people still think that ‘authorities’ are taking care of them. Therefore the above guidelines are viewed as impossible and dismissed as conspiracy instead of the sanity of truth in real facts. All set out by the pedophile elite thirty years ago, for the disorder of the ages.

    The Gospels of Jesus are the only opposition to these imposters. Into our third millenia and the division is the same as it ever was. Love or evol.

    Have faith in the goodness of His teachings for a better life.

    • I refer to Dees article below and the responses–

      Holding the threads together:

      “There’s another category worth mentioning:

      The Blind – There is a large group of people working in government and in the judiciary that have taken a view, I believe, that is illogical and destructive. It seems that they have almost been brainwashed into supporting systems that break up families (via Tavistock-style training). For example, a parliamentary Minister of Child Protection might boast a rise in guardianship figures. Surely, they should be boasting about their successes in supporting and strengthening families (and a decline in Out Of Home Care). This group would include family members in denial.
      I surmise that many members of society are living in an alternative and pernicious reality, where on the surface they appear be Mr or Ms Nice, yet they are willing to “officially” consign a child to terror. I have called them “the blind”, but maybe I should have used “hypnotized” as I can’t think of any other explanation for their world view. Is it education manipulation? “

  4. Off-topic, excuse me, Dee. This just in from NPR.org:

    Pelosi appointed Reps. Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler, Zoe Lofgren, Val Demings, Hakeem Jeffries, Sylvia Garcia and Jason Crow as impeachment managers. Pelosi said Schiff will be the lead manager.

    “The emphasis is on litigators, the emphasis is on comfort level in the courtroom, the emphasis is making the strongest possible case to protect and defend our Constitution, to seek the truth for the American people,” Pelosi said, explaining the choices.

    — “to seek the truth” — aw gee, Nance. That’s so sweet.

  5. Categories of Abusers and Enablers

    But first, let me provide some clarity by defining those persons that are part of the sexual abuse of children. To work out what’s going on, one has to understand the spectrum and cross-mix of people that abuse children or protect the behaviour, and how a group may operate. (I’ll post Corey Lynn’s articles later where she discusses Nests and Webs)

    The Cultists – those persons or groups using children for satanic or cult purposes. My knowledge on this is limited, but it is real. (Rachel’s father, Max, was a Rosicrucian and this was a factor in his abuse — believing in benefits of murdering and torturing children, e.g., longevity.)

    The Experimenters – My knowledge on this group is limited, but Diane De Vere has told me about her childhood in the UK, and the experimenting on children with regard to splitting personalities, abuse, mind-control and medical experiments.”

  6. Also off topic –for Mary Pelosi “to seek the truth”

    “Google the ultimate puppet master—using Military Networks”

    “a massive suppression of truth”

    Assange Manning Snowdon all subjected to Military Intelligence Mind control– all prepared to speak truth to justice


    Dr. Joseph Mercola remains optimistic despite Google recently de-platforming his natural health business. The careless corporate monopoly has enabled a warning to take down all natural health specialists after gaining inspiration from pharma propaganda lobyists. However, Dr. Mercola has the interests of health independence, integrity, and civil liberties at heart.

    Dr. Mercola testified to the ITNJ court on 24th June, 2019. See all the testimonies into the Weaponisation of the Biosphere https://commission.itnj.org

  7. received this today—

    Dear ITNJ Member,

    It has recently come to our attention that the very first ratifiers of the treaty, that is those who signed the Treaty at Westminster during the Inauguration of the ITNJ rather than online, may not be receiving these emails and may therefore be unaware that we are holding these elections.

    We have decided therefore to extend the deadline for nominations, which was to be January 17th, whilst we attempt to relay this information to them.

    This means the elections, which were to be held on March 23rd, will also be deferred.
    It is our hope that this will not delay things more than a week or two.

    We apologise for any inconvenience and promise to let you know when the new dates have been confirmed.

    The ITNJ Board of Trustees

  8. Getting back to “Separating Kids from Parents”

    Tavistock Agenda Fait accompli. The “Take Over” of the Great South Land now called Australia is complete. It “Is” the Headquarters for the One World Government One World Satanic Religion. The Best Kept Secret using mass mind control, unimaginable cruelty, and unspeakable evil, a major laboratory for unethical scientific experiments.

    Stream of consciousness words flood in—-
    Tavistock Agenda -Psychological Mind Control of the Masses. solitary confinement sensory deprivation, scientific military intelligence trauma based mind control-Monarch programming- MKULTRA 147 projects Experiments- -the creation of MPD DID Take the children away. (Bowlby–trained nurses who ran children homes), break the mother child bond, subject children to torture extreme violence resulting in an inability to parent effectively, do this with intent over generations [it is akin to genocide-it is genocide-that is part of depopulation plan) and it creates its own divided powerless ignorant enslaved and controlled and broken population –who are divided into haves and have nots — or people who stay silent- obey instructions because they desperately want to have some power.

    The Tavistock Node set up in Geelong 1947 funded by Unilever-etc led to-perhaps- the Biggest and most “Successful” Experiment of them all The Cult of the Family. MKULTRA in Australia. I notice the Royal Family is being referred to as The Family and at times The Firm.

    Re Topic -I have noticed over the past few years several “key” politicians suddenly/ unexpectedly leaving politics mid term to be able to spend more time with their family. There are many- Keys NZ a few years ago and the fellow this week from Tasmania.

    Also our political leaders prioritising overseas family holidays at times of national/global crisis – emphasising the importance of a loving united family – also children appearing on stage at political events being used a bit like hand signs–aarrgh galling—-its that pyramid again. Illuminati Age of enlightenment.

    Not to mention the revolving door politicians who never seem to go away e.g. Bishop Downer Brandis Abbot Ruddock Howard Kennet Vanstone to name a few.

    Ya Basta

  9. Again I refer to one of Dee’s recent articles – needs rereading also Karen Brewer’s testimony.


    “In the business of child protection, the breaking up of families and loving relationships are most likely seen as an investment in the future growth and privatization of the child-industry.”

    I can add the mental health industry the “care” industries.

    “the business of “marketing children” in Australia.”

    “pedophilia and the abuse of young Australians is a “protected business.”

    “Can this be the only conclusion — that all aspects of both Federal and State governments, oversight bodies, commissioners, the police, the judiciary, and the media are protecting a web of pedophilia and systems of child marketing in all its forms?”

    “Critic Karen Brewer recently put up a Youtube where she describes those in government, the judiciary, and the media as all being part of a spiderweb of insiders — groomed in pedophile schools. Brewer explains how only those who protect this ‘child-business’ get into positions of power.”

    Thank you Karen Brewer for your Youtube presentation we must join forces soon. There are many of us (in Australia and elsewhere) who can say “The History I have lived is burned in my Brain.”


    • “pedophilia and the abuse of young Australians is a “protected business.”

      Maxwell pipes up: it would only take a re-education of judges to stop the use of “court orders” as a seemingly — I emphasize SEEMINGLY — legitimate way of transferring kids from a happy home to a place of dread.

      THANK YOU DIANE — and don’t be apologetic about stream of consciousness. Your contributions are verrrry valuable.

  10. Thank you Dee – wow, 2000 kids taken at the border compared to almost half a million sold into foster care! And the MSM rabbits on about Trump being the baddy! It IS all about population control. I was told that by my father as a kid – the children he murdered would never ‘breed’ which meant he was doing a service by keeping down the population. That’s partly why he was protected by the crown for his activities (he even had a sign outside his Edwardstown home declaring the property was protected by the crown.) He wasn’t happy about losing his kids to the ‘system’ though. As far as he was concerned, kids were the playthings of their parents, not the state. So he has done his best to blackmail, compromise, and pull into his web many powerful people whom he hoped his ‘important papers of research’ would implicate in these activities AFTER his death. These important papers were bequeathed to my cousin, ex head of the SAS commandos and ex head of the Liberal party Martin Hamilton-Smith. I’m sure that Martin, if he ever received those papers, has them ‘safe’ from prying eyes. But my father was a slippery, cunning psychopath. Those papers were shared around. One lot was sent to a journalist. Others were ‘donated’ to the public library. I have his ‘memoirs’ titled ‘Maxy Remembers’. I will publish them in due course. Typical of my father, they are replete with colourful symbology and allusions. I think they are KEY to anyone capable of solving his riddles. Thank you to Di for pointing out that the ITNJ board nominations are being extended. I’ve received nothing, so my emails have been blocked from them. Very frustrating!

    • Well blow me down, Rachel. I had no idea Hamilton-Smith was a commando much less the head of Commandos.

      By the way, when perusing the Findings of the Lindt Cafe siege recently I think I saw an official admission that commandos were involved, even though at the time it was denied. “This is strictly a local police operation.” (Mal Hughes, please correct me if I am wrong on that.)

      Rachel, “no offense” but if your rellies are involved in commando-ism, what does that tell us about commando, SAS, SAC-PAV etc.

      Oh dear. And would everyone on this thread please look both ways before crossing….

  11. CIA Doctor Gittinger noticed that childhood trauma would polarise the personality after lots of experiments. Parents can do this in a milder form, the really outgoing kid is told to settle not be the center of attention, the introvert encouraged to put themselves out there.
    The level of willing compliance from the enablers is extraordinary, isn’t it. Defies belief almost.
    I think kids have not developed a sense of their own personality, they just live without the self conscious aspect. So the polarisation is more pronounced and is easier to achieve than older.
    The kids they groom for “big picture” would have traits like intelligent with empathy and connectedness. Think Doctor Gittinger might have had a matrix of trait and I guess counter trait that trauma would lead. Child abuse is too mild a word for the immoral practice of causeing so much pain and confusion to make a kid reject who they are, to survive.
    We have wrapped our heads around this “royal commission into systematic child exploitation” and are rightfully horrified. We just need to cognate the scale. The numbers from the Royal Commission were large enough(water under a bridge for the empatheticly challenged it seems), but to have all the key positions covered to neuter any response should be mind boggling. Talk about lead down the garden path,
    It’s not over till its over, and seems everyone is stressed. Helps break the programming for those unfortunate, and in this place, I am happy, the resolve to fight such a hideous beast, that could do that, to the most precious, at least relieves the stress that others are aware.
    Thanks Dee, good article, keeping the pressure on.

  12. Mary, it was rumoured that my cousin Martin Hamilton-Smith was offered the defense portfolio, but turned it down. He has several siblings – one sister is a prominent journalist who worked for Channel 10 last time I checked; another sister worked closely with Kelvin and was a producer at channel 9 in the 80s – she produced the Humphrey B Bear show amongst other children’s programs; mummy owns child care centres and has won multiple industry awards; whilst another of her kids travelled the world doing this and that. Very interesting family. Our grandfather worked in communications during two wars: he was a rat of Tobruk, and survived the Kokoda trail, only to be mired in my fathers mess at his property in Stansbury in the 1960s. My paternal grandmother was a suffragette and educated woman, earning a degree at university in the early 20th century. My maternal grandfather was a veteran of the Coral war. He was a human pincushion and had multiple rounds of electro-shock ‘therapy’. Later at home he would disassociate and line his young family up in the middle of the night and interrogate them as if they were all at war. Apparently he didn’t recognise them during these tirades. He suffered terrible PTSD and was discharged from the army. But his sister maintains he never saw active service. My father worked for Telecom but openly called himself an informant to federal police, whilst telling his children he was an ASIO agent. We had a telecommunications bunker below the shed at our home in Edwardstown which connected to a bunker at 862 South Road. These telecommunications bunkers always had tunnels servicing them back in the day, to run the wires through. The former owner of my childhood home at Edwardstown also worked for Telecom. Fascinating stuff. Very dysfunctional group of people my family. Our multi generational trauma made our family lineage perfect for MK Ultra experimentation.

    • Rachel, maybe he didn’t see active service. Maybe he just saw “active service.”

      Rachel, Simon said to Dee “keep the pressure on.” I second the motion and I say to you:

      Keep the pressure on, keep the pressure on, keep the pressure on.

  13. Delgado implants anyone?

    Simon wrote: “but to have all the key positions covered to neuter any response should be mind boggling.” Yes, Simon, it is amazing how they are able to keep anyone from breaking out. Maybe they have implants in their poor old brains.

  14. Just how far we have evolved since the time of Jesus.
    Where the one percent own three quarters of all wealth and control the rest.
    Where wealth is squandered on war while people starve.
    When race religion nations and families are corrupted with pornography sexual liberation pedophilia incest.
    This is not evolution but devolution. The beast system must be opposed completely by all with hearts minds and souls.


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