Columbian police murder and corruption

I'm writing this because I know my entire familys lives are in danger. My name is Maria San Juan age 40 and I reside in Columbia pa 17512. My sons names are Shane riggleman age 19 and Eric riggleman Jr. Age 21 and my mothers name is Suzanne San Juan age 60. On January 4th 2020 my sons ex girlfriend and my granddaughter lost their lives tragically in a fire. A while back I witnessed the local police and my previous neighbor at 243 perry street drag a young woman into their house through the back yard. Her name is kaelene Burgess. Since then the entire Columbia police force have been harassing me including charging me with trespassing while I was on a public sidewalk and also with disorderly conduct in my own private residence while I was on the second floor speaking with my mother. I have followed their fb page and also know there is another young girl missing from this area and her name is Haley Bostic. My previous neighbor from 243 had off duty cops help her move out and also has assaulted my on three occasions physically and on 3 other occasions she threatened to kill me and my family and that she would take a little piece of me. Yesterday my 2 year old granddaughter callie jo flowers and her mother cami jo combs lost their lives and I know it was the local authorities along with the local fire police coovering up what they did. They are trying to silence me because I called missing and exploited children about what I witnessed and also the fbi because I can smell the smell of decay coming from my neighbors house and its not an animal. The police have done nothing and I know that eventually myself and my family will be dead too. Im writing this in hopes that my familys deaths will not be in vain. Please look at my fb page and also the Columbia police page also Columbia spy. There has been so many shootings occurring as well and no sirens whatsoever. There's also other local young woman missing from Columbia and it's surrounding areas and if you go on Columbia spy fb page you can scroll down and see there have even been bodies found down at the river. I'm also posting a couple screenshots of how they have obviously covered up other murders. Pay attention to the words used when describing a fire that had victims that died from smoke inhalation but there was no fire.

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