Australian child protection still failing Sarah Westley's legacy

Ange Love Kiszko of Australia lost her son Oshin to "Medical Kidnapping" - and it killed him.  

For those who understand well that children can be legally taken from parents - and then medically treated without parental consent, even at the dead end cost of of their children's death, disability,  torture, and extremely traumatising to your mental and emotional well being.

This is happening everywhere including Australia!  The vast majority of cases we dont even hear about, as threats are made to keep silent and fear of being judged harshly. This mother was threatened before she even knew the hospital was taking her to court for forced chemotherapy and radiation on Oshin!  

She was threatened all the way through that horrifying year by many so called professionals - and even some members of the public. 

We feel the need to rise up from love and make noise, shout out "This is not ok!"

If we remain silent then we the public are allowing this barbaric & senseless crimes against our children to continue.

We know 'they' fear public support. 💜
It scares them, and there's far more parents - it's time to make a stand!

Please we lovingly and courageously ask you to share your experience.

Always love & kindness, 
Ange. 💞🕊💞🕊💞

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