Dirty Filthy Queensland Police : The Welfare Check and Grevious Assault of a Mother and Her Partner

To Mr Kevin Rudd, - Tuesday 1 June 2010

I called my sister Julie distressed on the 31st May 2010, because of some insecurities and problems with my two girls adjusting to moving to Queensland with my partner and I, and my ill health.  She tried to ring me back but my phone was dead. So she involved the police by asking them to just go around and check on me.  My partner was asleep having an afternoon sleep at the time.

About 4 hours after my phone call to my sister, I heard noises outside. I went to the door and looked outside and saw 5 police officers.  Jason was still asleep, I woke him up and we both went to the door, it is a glass sliding door and was open.  (Why did 5 Police Officers come, in response to the call?)

They said Is Debra here? Jason said yes this is Debbie. They said we just want to make sure she is all right, or something similar to that. Jason, not knowing anything, said yea! your all right aren’t you Debb?  I said yes I am fine. They said my sister had called and said I had had a drink and threatened to harm myself. I put my hand on my head and said, oh! I am so sorry, I don't normally drink at all, I was upset. But i am OK now.  I only had one drink.  (Once my welfare was affirmed why did the police forcibly enter our home?)


The five of them then just started to walk in and Jason said, hey guys, you don’t have a warrant, I did not invite you, you cant just come in, just nicely, because he was worried about me. They said, "We can do what we want." Then, everything happened so fast. Jason was looking at me and I just saw them all barge to grab him and I was afraid and jumped back.

He, was grabbed forcibly just at the door way, sprayed with a can of mace in his eyes, all the way from the door to the gravel driveway near my car. Then, they had him on the ground and hurting him. Banging his head into the gravel. I don’t know what I was doing. I hate violence and am very afraid of it, when it is happening in front of me. I was screaming, saying, he didn’t do anything wrong. he just woke up, he didn’t even know I had had a drink. I did not hear any sound at the time. (Why did they not stop when they realized what i was saying to them).

Then I saw them with a bucket of water dunking his head in and pulling it out and dunking his head in. I thought they were trying to drown him. I do remember hearing one of the police officers saying, get her in the car. He had his back to me, crouching down in front of Jason. He turned and swung his arm around and pointed in my direction, then, 2 or 3 officers forcibly put me in the car and locked me in. 

I was crying and screaming, still saying he didn’t do anything wrong. My whole focus was on what they were doing to Jason and I couldn’t get to him. I was banging on the plastic partition thing yelling let me out please, he has done nothing wrong please. I just didn’t understand what was happening, then I realized my arm is so skinny I could reach the front door to unlock, but my arm wasn’t long enough, I still kept trying but couldn’t reach.

One of the police officers, looked around from Jason and saw me and the police that were with Jason including him, came over and I saw Jason on his knees, with his arms behind his back with his head down, they forcibly removed me from the car. (i did not know he had been maced and handcuffed. I thought he was badly hurt because he wasn't moving)

I was hysterical by then. 4 of the 5 Police including the woman police officer, forcibly took me to the back of a divvy van.The tall blond one, Blair Doran referred to as Snr Cons Wilson, punched me in the mouth, at the back of the divvy van, they had taken me to. Then I was shocked, I remember staring at his face and I saw such a ferocity on his face and he had his fist ready to punch me again.

The police woman had hold of both my arms. I am not sure if the punch knocked me over onto the back edge of the van or, I fell afterward, but the police woman fell with me. I remember thinking, don't look away from his eyes, just don't look away. I tried to get closer to the police woman but, she didn't let me. I suppose she knew what was coming too.Then, it was like he could see the fear and shock in my eyes and it snapped him out of it and he just seemed to put his fist's to the side of his face and was shaking visibly to gain control, then, when I was  in the van I was kicked really hard on my bottom. I don’t know who buy. My ribs felt, like one of the back ones was broken because it hurt to cough or breath. I had bruising all over me and was very sore. I had told them I had to go under a general anesthetic at 9.30 the next morning as I may have an ulcer or possibly cancer several times during this terrifying behavior from the police.

I have not experienced violence before towards me, I have never been hit or hurt in such away by any one.

When I arrived at the Maroochydore Lock up, I was escorted by the police to the front counter where there were other police officers. One had dark hair and a beard. There, they took my ear rings out, my shoes off and then proceeded to take my bra off, by pulling it down through my sleeve. When it came to the left side I couldn’t move my arm enough as it hurt my ribcage, they (the police woman and 2 or 3 police men) were lifting my top higher and higher to try and get my arm through, you could see part of my breast and they were all watching and the police woman said you better come over there, I wasn’t sure if it was a room she was talking about, or down the corridor a bit with her, but I was in so much pain my arm was nearly out, I just couldn’t walk with my arm like that. I just wanted to get it over and done with they had seen my breast and could still see it so, I said just do it or something like that and then they all looked at me laughing. It seemed to them, they thought I didn’t care that they could see, but I most definitely did care.

I could not believe, these were the police, who came, on the request of my sister, originally to make sure I was alright. They told me I was being charged with obstructing a police officer and would spend a few hours in the cell. I was crying and yelling at first. I didn’t know what had happened to Jason or why I was being charged. What was I obstructing? Them being able to hurt my partner and then me. I just didn’t understand. I told them I had to be at my doctors at 9.30am the next morning and that I had to have a general anesthetic. The officer at the desk said something like you will be out of here before then. Every thing was blurry after that. The next thing i knew i was locked in a cell.

There was another lady in the opposite cell yelling at me abusively because I was crying and yelling. I said that I have done nothing wrong and when I didn’t stop, a police officer came and told me that if I don’t shut up we will restrain you. I said that I was in a lot of pain, with my ribs and bottom and mouth although I didn’t even realise that I had a thick lip until they took my finger prints and photo in the morning.

I said that I wanted to talk to a solicitor. I have never been in trouble with the police before, so I didn’t know anything about it, but he said, "No, you don’t have that right."

Then, they brought another lady to the cell opposite me, I was still crying, I said "I have done nothing wrong,"  I knew she didn’t really care about my plight, but that lady gave me the first kind words I so desperately needed, she looked at me and said "Hang in there, you will be alright love."

I didn’t want the police officer who took me home to know where I was living. I have always thought police were very good, but now I feared them. This police officer was very nice though saw me shivering and put the heater on for me. He dropped me off near my address and I slowly walked the rest of the way home....

Jason and I went straight to the Noosa Police station to give a formal complaint. Sgt Steve Mc Wright,took our complaint? We told him what happened, and he said, what would you like to do with these officers, would counseling be enough? Jason said if any one else beat a sick woman or any woman like this, would they be offered counseling, no they would be in prison.

He said well that isn’t going to happen and these police officers wont loose their jobs over this. He told us that there could be repercussions from this. Jason said what do you mean repercussions? He said, I am just giving you the heads up. But you may find yourself being harassed and may find police cars parked outside your property. He said I am completely on your side, but 2 (actually 3 were.) of these are my police officers and i have to work with them.

Part way through, I said I had to go to see my specialist, as I had to have a general anesthetic. I went to Dr Lancasters offices and the receptionist helped me to a seat. They were shocked at the condition of me. I started crying, telling them all about it. Dr Lancaster took me into his office, he said, I cannot put you under a general anesthetic in your physical and emotional condition and I would have to be re booked. He advised me to go to the Noosa Accident and Emergency hospital, as I would need x-rays for my ribs and for the nurse to draw all my injuries. He told me to book into see my GP as well. Which I couldn’t get in that day, but made the appointment for the next.

When Jason and I arrived at casualty, we explained the situation, that we had both been attacked by the Noosa Police, and said we were told to come here.  The lady at the front emergency counter turned to Jason and said ‘Sorry we cant help you’ we both tried to explain that the police told us you will also need to take photos. She said we don’t take photos the police do. Again, they told Jason, I am sorry there is nothing we can do for you.

I had told them that I thought I might have a broken rib at the back or something, as it hurt when I breath or cough. I was examined by a nurse, she said, you are extremely thin, I told her I was meant to have the camera down my throat today to see into my stomach. I may have an ulcer, she said to me, your stomach is way to thin for an ulcer and she said you have cancer.

I was shocked hearing it again, I rang my specialist rooms and told the receptionist what the nurse had said, she said she shouldn’t have told you that. I said how long now will it take me to find out what I have, she searched the computer but said she couldn’t get me an appointment till the 18th June.  So I said thank you.  She rang me back a few minutes later and said don’t worry about the 18th.  Dr Lancaster said, you will be in before then, he has put you on the emergency list at the Noosa Hospital.

A female doctor, whom I presumed to be a nurse at the time, took note of my wounds on a piece of paper, with a drawing of a human body. She never examined me physically. We also told her that the nurse at the reception refused Jason to be seen, she said, I would have seen him. But, she didn't.

I was taken to xray for my ribs. I was never actually checked over by a doctor, one just came to me and said, your ribs are not fractured and went off into some medical terminology that i didn't understand and said, you can go home now. And today I still cannot sit properly on my bottom, it was never looked at just the foot graze and print noted where he had kicked me.

I know my behavior, wasn’t good for me but I had never been in a situation like this, I did not know how to react. I don’t believe I deserved to be treated like this, because as my partner said to the police if any other male or four males and a female did this to a woman and her partner they would be charged.

I just cant comprehend the violence towards me, especially by people who I have believed were there to uphold the law and if they think it is okay to do this to me, then I just don’t know. But one thing I do know, is that if another person had done the same to me and my partner, they would have been charged.

The Police ended up blaming my partner, for the beating they gave me. Ten days after the incident Seargent Al McFee came out and served a Domestic Violence order on Jason, taken out by Senior Constable Blair Doran on my behalf. I could not believe it.  I ended up in hospital again.  Even when Al McFee served it and we told him what had really happened, he said the paper  work didn't look right and it didn't make sense.

Back to todays date Mr Rudd.

Mr Rudd we have suffered this whole week with no professional help to get us through the Post Traumatic Stress syndrome.

It will cost us $900.00 dollars each for a forensic criminal psychologist just for an assessment that will stand up in court. (This report never got presented)

Why I am writing to you is because our whole world has become warped, Jason and I have lost our safety. As you have read.

Mr Rudd, I was sitting here the night after it happened Tuesday 1st July, writing part of this in my own words, not on the intent on writing to you, but just trying to put it all together for my self, nothing made sense, then I looked down at the Sunshine Coast Daily and it was open to a page with your picture in it, we were so distressed and I am a 48 year old woman, but I looked at your picture and thought- Was I wrong about you? This is your home town, I moved here 2 and 1/2 years ago with so much hope, health and vitality, to prove this please see Debb's decline photos or click this link.

I was 45 then. The attached photos are what your home town has done to me, PLEASE MR RUDD, ARE YOU REALLY the man, and the family man that , Jason and I have looked up to. As described earlier, or ,was I wrong, I just need to know the truth Mr Rudd that is why I have written all of this. It is not a statement it is just the truth, from me to you that is all


Kind Regards Debbie

CLICK HERE to see response letter from the Premiers Office

And again before you say no, just go to your local doctor and ask if the Doomadgee Palm Island death could have possibly happened from a fall the way the police have said. You will be surprised at what force it would take for a liver to explode and for someone to die in this way.

Or, are you Just too busy


Click here to see news paper article of the payout the Police officer received on insurance and then suing the Police for damage to belongings

the Police officer was not charged. The CMC dont seem to have any power over the police

The one thing we know about Rot, is that it spreads. Especially when,

A Police officer, who blows the whistle on another officer, the officer that blew the whistle- can be forced out of the Police Force.

We Read It, We Hear about it, and we see it on the News. And even that is usually filtered.

The point being, its time for Us, The Australian People, To Stand Together, for Justice, Honesty, and Respect.

We earn that right when we get up in the morning, Go to work every day.

Even if you have not,  thought that you have experienced this at all, It's a BIG Country! You are Copping it.

What happened to our Freedoms, Comradeship, Pride, Pride of our Aussie Heritage.

What our old diggers and comrades fought for?

From the Youngest Generation to our Respected Elders.

How many of you do like it really?

Please complete our online survey to the Prime Minister

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