Historical past injustices? ... DOCS give parental responsibility OF NEARLY 20 CHILDREN and five million dollars of tax payer funding to another child sex offender

Quote from your own site (Hunter Aboriginal Services) ......... "We are accountable to our community and make every effort to ensure our work is transparent. We recognise these PAST injustices and that the assimilation policies and practices of child welfare authorities were aimed exclusively at our people under the guise of 'protection'.  The effects continue to be felt in the lives of Aboriginal children, families and communities today." (View Quote)

Well thank you for the update.

Due to people like Steven LARKINS, recent CEO of your HACS, the crimes are continuing to be perpetrated, in league with the corruption and mismanagement of the current CPS and affiliated organisations.  SHAME SHAME SHAME SHAME. 

This is the same man who is supposed to have served on the expert panel of the government's 'KEEP THEM SAFE' response to THE WOOD REPORT. Child sex offender on the Expert Panel advising Child Protection Services, is this a joke!