What are Responsible Parenting Orders?

Responsible Parenting Orders have been introduced in WA and are obtained by schools under the Department of Education applying to the Children's Court to have orders made for you about your child.

Apparently they're voluntary, however the use of the word "compels" indicates otherwise.

The brochure states: "Under the PSR Act, the Chief Executive Officers of the Departments of Education, Child Protection or Corrective Services may apply to the Children’s Court for a Responsible Parenting Order when every effort to engage the parent(s) voluntarily has failed and if it is considered that an Order will make a positive difference to the child’s behaviour. A Responsible Parenting Order compels a parent(s) to take up the support offered by agencies and to meet their responsibilities in exercising appropriate control over their child’s anti-social, offending or truanting behaviour."

Interestingly enough, there seems to be absolutely no insight into the fact that many children nowadays are subject to family law court orders, and amongst those children are many who are being forced to spend time with their abusers, both physically and sexually.  With just the idea that a state governened court order can make a parent improve their children's behaviour - who may be acting out due to being under extreme pressure, one can easily see how more innocent parents are going to lose custody of their children to either the state - or the abusive parent.

Are organisations like Sydney In-Home Care fostering children without parents knowledge?

More exciting proof on the Sydney in Home Care page, which is the childcare/ foster care provider that is "fostering" children - without their parents knowledge - in their own home.  It states on their page that they are funded by community services under flexible services heading (see attached page Sydney in home care).

We first assumed Community services meant Department of Community Services,  and started to research a bit more and discovered they are contracted by non government services (NGOs) but go through a few different service providers first so it appears they are not connected with Docs --- incredibly clever and sneaky.

From In-Home Child Care to Foster Care without your knowledge

In 2009 under the Keep them safe reforms the Department of community services out sourced foster care contracts to Non government services such as Care south, Catholic care, Anglicare, Mission Australia, these Non government services have now In home care foster care model brokered through the Department of Education and Communities ( we need the list of the NGOS that hold the foster care contracts) Non government agencies who hold these contract's are brokering childcare providers as a foster care system.

Childcare providers are given funding for out of home care packages, once a parent signs a parenting agreement, or the Department of Community Services orders Court Orders that a parent must use an In home care service or a childcare service provider.  Children accrue their time-frame in the foster care system, within the childcare provider - which turns into permanent care orders or Adoption - as they have spent the time frame needed in the foster care system through childcare, and parents have given their permission through a parenting agreement - which is giving the minister your parental responsibility.

Guardianship orders are given to whatever non-government service (NGO) has brokered the childcare provider on the parent's behalf.

The foster care system in school

We were afraid the foster care system was in school.  Now it is looking very much like it is so. If the Department of education and communities and docs contract out  child care as foster care placements why not schools? Any children they missed out in preschool they get later in school.  This is probably why they  recently put in the significant risk of harm if children do not attend school. 


Child care agreements

Docs and the courts put in orders for supports services, and people aren’t that worried as the support services will usually be an early child care service in your home or a day care centre - and these programs are foster care.  We have attached the most important act below that governs a lot of these legislations, it is an important act to learn about.

*  Attachment children and young persons care and protection Act - *This act is appalling so you seek out a non government service, but you don’t know it is funded by Docs, and then Docs can decide whatever they think is needed in regards to your child, even though you might have accessed that service for a totally different reason than what Docs agenda is.