Dennis Chapman -The Dog that needs to learn to SIT

Dennis Chapman, solicitor at Gosford, is at it again, harassing his former clients.  This solicitor is well known for providing piss poor legal service and even stooping as low as leaving his clients without representation once they are finally able to get their matter heard in supreme court.  This time he has harassed clients whilst they were walking down their own street.  This man needs to be banned from an legal practise at all. 

Family Law Web Guide on the net, also has a few articles on corrupt solicitors such as Dennis Chapman, and alecomm is currently investigating to just what extent this solicitor stoops.

Mr Chapman, once again, shame on you.  It was only a few weeks ago that he represented both a mother and the department of community services at Woy Woy local court, obviously not acting in the best interest of the mother, and when we comlained about it, he walked into the Woy Woy Courts, yet again and the judge issued him a gag order to prevent the mother talking any further about the matter - to anybody including her own family.

 The Judicial Commission is currently receiving those complaints also as the law does not allow for gag orders to prevent publicity of dirty docs workers or shithouse and dirty solicitors.  The magistrate is well aware of alecomm and any issuing of a gag order regarding this matter is completely illegal because there was never any identification of the family.  We say yet again, that dirty solicitors and dirty docs workers are not covered by gag orders and therefore the gag order is illegal and unconscionable.


Mr Marien - President of the NSW Children's Court, is currently being asked to review such matters and provide assistance on how best we can deal with these situations.


+1 #2 RE: Dennis Chapman -The Dog that needs to learn to SITGuest 2012-05-09 18:36
:cry: we are worried and we are about to fight for our son and we were going to have dennis chapman but now what are we going to do we are scared that we will never get him back do u have any help?
+1 #1 Guest 2010-12-24 18:51
How does a rogue solicitor continue to double dip Government funds ? Being paid TWICE in one day .... if a police officer goes moonlighting he is severely reprimanded and sometimes stood down re: Enquiry. Yet Legal Aid dollars and DoCs Dollars have been paid to this Cretton of a man TWICE in a day. If that is not abusing public funds ...then what is ?

And what of the MAGISTRATE .......derrrrrr

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