Mental Health Act 2007 - Sect 97 - Electro Convulsive Therapy Register

(1) A register containing information relating to the administration of electro convulsive therapy is to be kept in relation to each mental health facility or other place at which the treatment is administered.
(2) The medical superintendent of the facility or the person approved by the Director-General for any other place is to keep the register or cause it to be kept.
(3) The register is to be in the form prescribed by the regulations.
(4) Particulars of a proposed administration of electro convulsive therapy are to be entered in the register before the therapy is administered, and any differences in the particulars of treatment actually administered are to be subsequently noted and explained in the register.
(5) The register may be inspected at any time by the Tribunal, the Principal official visitor, an official visitor or the Director-General.

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