"DoCS solicitor John Meehan blames mother over sexual assault of daughter, instead of predator-father"

john meehanpig3 dbdb3A nine-year old girl, who was sexually assaulted multiple times by her father, has been given a longer jail sentence than the perpetrator himself. 

Thanks to John Meehan, low-life client-menacing solicitor from Campbelltown, who does the dirty work for child protection in the area, the girl has been taken from her mother and placed into the overflowing foster-care system.  John Meehan has continually blamed the mother for having her children taken by child protection, because as he states "she failed to protect the child".

Truth be known, the mother had multiple AVOs out against the father (her ex-husband), and wanted no contact between him and his daughter unless it was supervised.  DoCS refused the mothers plea for help, instead forcing her to ensure that the girl had regular contact with her father - without supervision.  Failure to abide by this order from child protection would result in the department removing the children.   The mother was left no choice.

When the girl approached her step-father, and informed him of what events had taken place, they rang the police.  Shortly thereafter, the police arrived, as did the Department of Human Services (if that's what you can really call them) to remove the children.  Their reasons ... "the mother did not protect her children".

How these animals get away with such attrocious actions on a regular basis is beneath me.  Does John Meehan have children himself?  Does he have grandchildren?  Would he blame his own daughter, if she was forced to send her child to a suspected paedophile, and his granddaughter was repeatedly sexually assaulted?

What kind of a man is he?  And how can he be allowed to work anywhere near a child, let alone for the department that purports to protect them.  The more we investigate employees of this department, the more sick and twisted they appear. 

Nobody wants what's best for the children, and they all seem to be playing out some sort of childhood crisis, through the lives of other parents and children, in order to get the desired routcome they wanted as a child.  Unfortunatel,y the destruction they're wreaking on the innocent, is what we would determine almost a catalyst to war - for the crimes they are committing are crimes against humanity.  The only difference being the parents are not armed... yet.


+1 #5 RE: DoCS solicitor John Meehan blames mother over sexual assault of daughter, instead of predator-fathersystemabused 2013-11-18 11:12
My experience was that the convicted paedophile father was contacted by DoCS to take the child because TONI SINGLE had stated the convicted paedophile only wanted to abuse children between the age of 10 and 14. So the mother must be a lier. The child was 7 years old.
+2 #4 MeGuest 2013-11-06 10:24
Truth be known, AVOs are useless as anything and are just used to ensure there are not too many trees on the planet.

The Child Protection police tell parents to ignore AVOs they take out.

My ex took more than out on me claiming I was a danger to the children.

Frankly if anyone was a real danger they would simply ignore them unless they are scared of paper cuts. For a supposedly advanced society to think people can be protected by a bit of paper given out by a guy in a wig and gown who has no real understanding of the situation is a joke.

We may as well go back to burning witches to protect people.

AVOs a re a relatively modern idea that have gone into vogue in the last couple of decades but have no real evidence to suggest they have any improvement in society at all.

I bet the Courts give out more AVOs than the Salvation Army gives out food hampers

But at least the judges and lawyers get paid for these useless bits of paper
+2 #3 RE: DoCS solicitor John Meehan blames mother over sexual assault of daughter, instead of predator-fatherGuest 2013-09-07 07:34
The trouble is there is no effective oversight. The NSW Ombudsman allows these people to lie as does the NSW ICAC and Government Ministers (including the NSW Premier)

They tell the courts and trhe public that they care about the welfare of the children yet even the NSW Ombudsman says they don't need to care about protecting children or preventing harm. They lie in their reports and claim they care about the children yet even they courts say they refuse to discuss the welfare of the children with parents.
+5 #2 RE: DoCS solicitor John Meehan blames mother over sexual assault of daughter, instead of predator-fatherGuest 2013-07-07 15:12
John Meehan was the DOCS lawyer that was involved during my case as well so nothing surprises me in regards to him seeing that he fabricated risk of harm reports during the trial. Wouldn't trust him with a houseplant!
+4 #1 Jail John Meehan as well.Guest 2013-07-03 19:05
Over the years fighting these issues is not the first time those in Protection Agencies have ignored not only mothers but fathers ,grandparents , uncles ,Aunts and of cousins and friends . If this is true jail him as well for ignoring the mother and they must help mother and daughter through these bad times .

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