Who Says Man Can't Do TWO Things At Once! - Dennis Chapman Can!

Talk about Talented - this man successfully represented both the Department of Community Services and their Client Victim today in Woy Woy Children's Court.  Apparently both had rang to ask for his representation in court for the said case, and he accepted.

Not only that, the magistrate didn't seem to have any issues with this given that DOCs wanted an adjournment - as stated by Dennis Chapman, and the Victim Client Mother whom had just had her baby stolen by these government approved child traffickers, did not.

How is this possible with no questions by the magistrate about the behaviour of this solicitor.  Given he is going to be paid by the state twice, one for each representation, and that you cannot legally represent both parties, he even had the audacity to complain, yet again, about Alecomm.

Well good on you Dennis, and good on you for giving back those files you held after dropping your last victim client on the morning of her proceedings in supreme court and stuffing her up completely.



+2 #1 Guest 2010-09-21 16:53
What sort of Blood Sucking Parasite is this man.

Has this unethical Legal Eagle been reported for double dipping the public coffers ? Has this man been reported to the NSW Law Institute for wasting tax payers monies by calling for an adjornment when his client requested to have the matter HEARD !

What a low life tosser is DENNIS CHAPMAN.

ICAC should be investigating this criminal.

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