The corrupt foreign Parliament of Australia and it's spin doctors

This Stylised "Armorial Bearings of the Commonwealth of Australia" above has absolutely NO authority. 

This is a FARCE to have this used of Acts as the proper " Armorial Bearings of the Commonwealth of Australia is used for PUBLIC FUNCTIONARIES Not Law People under this Seal are Personating something there NOT which is a Criminal offence PARLIAMENT of AUSTRALIA AND AUSTRALIA GOVERNMENT ARE FOREIGN TO OUR CONSTITUTION BELOW. 

Senator Culleton's submission to the High Court

Senator Culleton has been sent to the High Court regarding the eligibility of his election to the Senate.

He has decided to make the most out of this turn of events and has put forward some serious questions in his submission to the High Court.

"A correction to the system is coming and if the Senate want to question my eligibility, I will use the opportunity of appearing in the High Court to in turn put forward questions regarding the validity of the Parliament and High Court," he said.

"The judiciary expects everyday people to follow the laws but they must first set an example and do the right thing when they are in positions of leadership."

"People are committing suicide and losing their hard earned property due to our courts. Australians are hurting and it simply is not good enough."

Proposed Referendum on Queensland Constitution

We are writing a very serious message to you.  We know the personal politics of many of you, others we don't know, but regardless of your political stance, PLEASE read this message through carefully.

You are aware that a referendum in July will ask you to vote for a new Qld. Constitution & it will be sold to you in glowing terms, but please know that if this referendum is won by government it will literally turn Qld into a republic where there will be NO COMMON LAW...THERE WILL BE NO  PRIVATE OWNERSHIP OF LAND OR WATER.  THAT MEANS THE HOME YOU THINK  IS YOURS STANDS ON LAND OWNED BY THE GOVERNMENT.  ANY "AUTHORITY" CAN WALK ON  TO YOUR LAND AND THEY WILL NOT BE TRESPASSING, & THEY CAN DO AS THEY PLEASE.  You will NOT own your land.  Nor can you own any body of water.  That's just one aspect of this new constitution they won't be telling you about.