The overreach is all to do with giving too much discretionary power to one person who abuses that power

Speaking of Child Abuse - Reform AustinPlease see the video: the caseworker said “you must submit to me or you will never see your children again, sign these papers now or I will make sure you never see them again". The mother sued but only after they destroyed her family. The state paid her USD 4.9 million because "the caseworker lied, falsified evidence, and suppressed exculpatory evidence - all of which was material to the dependency of the courts to deprive Fogarty-Hadwick of custody, and they did so with malice". (see attached)

The lawyer Tim Donnelly said "When you have secrecy and unchecked power you have a recipe for corruption and abuse", the same applies in NSW with s105, Pastor Paul's challenge.

The overreach is all to do with giving too much discretionary power to one person who abuses that power, is prone to corruption with no accountability, no oversight and non compliance with law and order. The Star Chamber is complicit in such illegal activities with commercial stakeholders trading in the commodity of "suffering, torture, rape and murder".

WILLAIM TYRRELL IS DEAD because the agency indirectly caused his death. His death and the agency's misuse of power are linked as Star Chamber allowed the complicit conduct of its stakeholders with no oversight and an immunity with a devious attempt to hide truth.

At 7.20 sec to 7.29 sec on the time clock on the video link above the case manager in the video said "the system is set up in a way to remove children from the protective parents, because it generates a lot of funding". 

On appeal this very good family (video link above) and children finally got access to the file and the superior court found "the caseworker lied and hid exculpatory evidence". This family was awarded $4.8 mil and the state spent $11 million. It cost about $23 million and the taxpayer has no idea where the money is going because it is not going to education, health care, crime, preservation and preventative measures to avoid statutory intervention of families.

It is going to the pockets of the bottom feeders, the lawyers (not all) and other associated services that are making millions from misusing the court's power to assist state sanctioned child stealing for a global business.

It is a global agenda that relies on the unfettered discretionary power and then turns a blind eye when someone dies, is beaten or raped. When things go wrong, the mother, father, grandparents are blamed but not the courageous caseworker. Let us not forget the words of the Hon. Sandra Kanck that is published in Hansard for all to see. Please read her words from time to time, because she was pushed out because she was helping the vulnerable and weak by exposing the Department’s demonic behaviour. The same can be found in the words of the murdered Nancy Schaefer when she dared to expose CPS assisting business find new class of children to be raped, tortured and abused in the system.

The state of NSW has a problem and it is hidden under a clever policy of the children's Care Act provision of s105; a challenge Pastor Paul from NSW is seeking clarification from the High Court of Australia about its constitutional validity. The misuse of Federal and State law enforcement funding that is being redirected to support the abuse of power can be found in the attached documents.

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