Lawyer uncovers “alarming trend” as children taken without warrants

A federal class action lawsuit filed out of Southern California states that the Riverside County Department of Public Social Services has kidnapped “thousands” of children without warrant or reason.

According to the suit, which makes mention of several social workers and investigators, Riverside’s operation “makes a habit” of kidnapping young children.

Speaking with the Courthouse News Service, the Plaintiffs’ attorney, Shawn McMillan, said that he “uncovered an alarming trend” when investigating similar cases in the area the year prior.

“County child welfare agencies regularly subvert the constitutional rights of parents and children by seizing children from their parents when there is no danger to the child, and in fact no need to seize the child at all,” McMillan told Courthouse News. “The class action is designed to address a procedural problem. They [Riverside County social workers] as a matter of course don’t get warrants before seizing kids.”

The suit spawned from a specific case in which a three day old baby, referred to as “A.A.,” was taken from its mother without warrant as the pair laid in a hospital bed.

"In February 2013, when she was three days old, plaintiff A.A. was snatched by an employee of the Riverside County Department of Public Social Services literally from the breast of her mother as they lay in the hospital recuperating from a successful, safe delivery,” the lawsuit says, also noting that A.A.’s four siblings had been taken months prior without justification.

The suit also mentions the mother’s history, which includes no “drug, alcohol, or tobacco use nor any history of psychiatric treatment.”

"Despite these facts, and solely because there had been an earlier dependency petition filed regarding plaintiffs’ siblings, Torres seized the newborn baby plaintiff from her mother’s care and custody,” the lawsuit adds.

Thankfully, although most children are taken for more than a year, A.A. was returned to her family less than two weeks later.

McMillan’s research indicated that social workers are utilizing two statewide database systems in order to find potential children.

"If you appear on one of them, you have an immediate black mark against you. The CWS/CMS system is largely kept a secret so that children, as they age into adulthood, and parents may not even know they are listed,” McMillan said. “In any event, the databases are largely accessible to hospital and social workers and the like.”
To make matters worse, county officials are reportedly ignoring the corruption altogether.

“The real problem here is that the county itself is at fault for not adequately training its workers and supervising them,” McMillan said. “In addition, the county has failed – for years, if not decades, to implement any policies or procedures to protect the 4th Amendment rights of children and the 14th Amendment rights of parents in circumstances similar to those presented in the present lawsuit.”

“For this reason, we anticipate that the discovery process will reveal the individually named workers were each involved in dozens, if not hundreds of unwarranted child seizures.”
McMillan says the outcome of his suit could very well change the face of Child Protective Services if successful.

“Riverside is a test bed. The idea is to see what happens and to what extent we can establish accountability,” McMillan said. “This has the potential to affect the entire state.”

The case covered by McMillan is only one of countless across the country as thousands of children are harvested by Child Protective Services for financial gain.

Studies have found that children in state custody are up to 600 percent more likely to be tortured, neglected and murdered and up to 10 times more likely to be abused than a child living at home.
Even worse, children abducted by the state are almost always administered a dangerous cocktail of pharmaceutical drugs while being kept in deplorable conditions.

Alex Jones broke down a similar incident in 2013 when a child mysteriously died in CPS custody.

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