DoCS aren't damned if they do or damned if they don't remove children

*** ADOPTION CHILDREN ... WHERE DO THEY REALLY COME FROM? FIRSTLY, DoCS aren't damned if they do or damned if they don't remove children. They just prefer to take #kids from #parents who are easy targets - usually the ones who would rely on state funded #LegalAid to TRY and keep their kids.

They routinely choose to ignore kids who are being abused - even placing kids with #paedophiles - in order to perpetuate that myth that only the really abused kids are taken. And mostly it works. And yes, 80%. This is based on many years auditing casefiles for #compliance with #law - to ensure that only children who are being #abused or #neglected are removed. Alecomm hasn't audited one single case yet where #docs workers haven't broken the law. Not one in over a decade.

Many children are removed from mothers seeking to #LeaveDomesticViolence, others are moved because of #FutureRiskOfHarm meaning they've never hurt their kids.

#Caseworkers need to be jailed EVERY SINGLE TIME THEY REFUSE TO ABIDE BY THE LAW - that is the only thing that will stop the continual influx of children in the system. And sack half the workers - and audit every single case - and jail every worker who has ever lied on a single affidavit or omitted evidence whatever.

These animals are outright #childtraffickers. Sorry if i sound so hostile, i'm just sick of seeing so many children screwed ten ways from sunday by the system who cares more about their appearance than the children they get billions of dollars to protect. :-( 
Deborra Lee Furness wants to #adoptchange? What about #OscarsMother who killed herself after #DLF closed her #OpenAdoption. If you care about a #child you will #help the #family not urself to their kids. #15000stories starts now.
#StopDLF #adoptchange #alecomm #15000stories

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