Judges must be held accountable for failing to acknowledge and apply risk assessment

The “Man” who raped the 5 year old girl in the toilet block at Orange was set free on bail 1 day before. The judge who gave him bail should be charged as an accessory to her rape !

Yes that might seem a bit extreme to some but we at FACAA are that fed up with judges letting these monsters walk our streets !

The judge who let him out on bail 1 day before he raped that innocent little girl, should have to answer for his/her crimes !

This particular scumbag has been CONVICTED OF (the gods only know how many more he has gotten away with) more than 70 crimes AS AN ADULT !

Bail was granted to this thing for stalking and intimidation charges not even 24 hours before he brutally raped this innocent young girl !

He had been in court the previous day on two counts of stalking and intimidation, one count of resisting arrest and one count of using offensive language near a school. This man, 37, also had a criminal record that ran to 40 pages

The judge knew all of this and still granted bail, no the time has come for judges to answer for their crimes !

How is it a crime you may ask, well let's use a legal test called the "if not for" test. Basically put you ask the question of "If not for the actions would this have occurred." In this case, If not for the judge bailing the multiple, multiple time convicted violent offender, would he have been able to rape the child.

Now while not alleviating the responsibility of the child rapist in any way, shape or form, the answer is a very simple NO !

If it was not for the criminal making bail he would not have been able to rape the young girl.

So surely this means the judge should at least be charged with negligence causing actual bodily harm, if not accessory to the rape itself ? Right ?

If you agree with us, please share the hell out of this poster, let's get it out there, the time has come for judges to be held accountable for their actions !

This predator should never have been released after his first 50 convictions, let alone after pleading guilty for stalking and intimidation !

If he had not been bailed he could not have raped the innocent little 5 year old, the judge MUST be held accountable for the crime that resulted from that incredibly poor judgement ! (A)

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