Share your Story..."Speak out Loud"

Have you been in a situation where the Public Guardian or Public Trustee Executioners took possession of your loved one and their assets.

In my mothers case the hospital held my mother a prisoner against her will, they drugged and tortured her. They prevented the family access by closing of the ward with security guards outside mums room and the ward to prevent us from supporting our mother. Deprivation of Liberty. They took away her dignity and put her in a coma state to stop her from communicating with us. These vultures ended her life like she was garbage.

Another innocent victim eliminated.

Complaining to people like Health Ombudsman, and other government entities only drains you. I begged and cried my eyes out so they would help me remove mum from the hospital of death but they just ignored me, this alone proves that they are all a party to the crime. Corruption surrounds us so we must express ourselves openly. Time to tell your story. Silence only gives them more Power to destroy the innocent and most vulnerable.

Source : https://www.facebook.com/groups/aasgaa/permalink/3184213628272600/

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