"Public Guardians WorldWide Kidnapping and Trafficking People for Money"

naziflowersIt seems to be another one of those worldwide issues with governments trafficking in people yet again.  People all over the world are complaining about the money and their families being stolen by the Public Guardian, or Courts of the Protector etc.  They claim that documents are falsified, that judges are colluding with tribunals and that embezzlement is the norm.

How can our governments and our international tribunals continue to allow this when just the idea of people being trafficked makes us sick.  The thought that our own governments are doing it to the most vulnerable - elderly and disabled persons - and all for the seizure and use / sell of that persons assets is dispicable.

However it isn't a one off thing.  Google searches show thousands of sites all saying the same thing.

Compilation is needed for each country on just how many assets the governments have seized from innocent victims and the total amount of those assets.  Another interesting point would be how much interest  they are making on those stolen funds and exactly how much of the money they are stealing in "fees" that they are not accountable for, well at least not with NSW Public Guardian.  Why is there not an oversite organisation there for the public interest to ensure that every single persons account is viewable by the public, just as a charity organisation is.

In the next few months Alecomm International will be developing our registers to incorporate each country and their corruption agencies and personnel, whether it be Child Trafficking by use of force by criminal workers under the guise of Child Protection, or Human Trafficking of the elderly and disabled under the guise of Public Guardian.  We will be retaining registers so that international complaints can be compiled and sent to Hague and criminal courts worldwide in representative proceedings / ie class actions.


+1 #1 MsCarew 2012-08-05 08:03
Please keep me notified of your progress especially with sending complaints to the Hague of the Public Guardians abuse of their clients

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